On Wednesday  November 28 a workshop is organized around the topic of Jacolien van Rij's thesis (read more). The workshop will focus on the processing of referring expressions in discourse.


13:15-13:30 welcome & coffee

13:30-14:15 Jacolien van Rij
University of Groningen
A computational model of the processing of pronouns in discourse

14:15-15:00 Esther Ruigendijk
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Pronouns and reflexives, a psycholinguistic cross-linguistic comparison of Dutch and German

15:00-15:30 break

15:30-16:15 Clare Patterson
University of Potsdam
Discourse coherence in pronoun resolution

16:15-17:00 Jennifer Arnold
University of North Carolina, Chapell Hill
The comprehension of accented and unaccented NPs in fluent and disfluent speech


University Library, collegezaal 4th floor
Broerstraat 4, Groningen (see map below)


Attending the workshop is free, and no registration is necessary. Questions can be addressed to Margreet Vogelzang: margreet.vogelzang 'at' 


The workshop will be held at the University of Groningen in the University Library, Broerstraat 4 , Groningen (the green sign in the map below, right opposite the Academy Building). It is on walking distance from the Central Station (about 15 minutes). 

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Welcome to this website with information about the workshop about the processing of referring expressions in discourse!

For more information, please contact Margreet Vogelzang: margreet.vogelzang 'at'


The workshop is organized by the Vici project Asymmetries in Grammar, financed by NWO