Crowdsourcing Demo

Here are the instructions for installing the crowdsourcing demo on the web server.

You can't build the application on the web server, because it is missing the right tools. You must build it somewhere else, and then upload the compiled application to the web platform.

This should work on any machine with a x86_64 GNU/Linux architecture (amd64). To check this, run:

uname -m -o

You need gcc, make, and the Go compiler. To check, run:

make --version
gcc --version
go version

Everywhere you see code like this you need to replace it with your own text.

Building for

Choose a directory name for your project, and download the software to that directory:

git clone --depth 1 project

Go to the bin subdirectory:

cd project/bin

Create the file Makefile.cfg with the following content. You can leave off /path/to/ if the Go program is in your PATH.

GO = /path/to/go
OPTS = -v -ldflags="-extldflags=-static" -tags sqlite_omit_load_extension

Copy the file config.go.example to config.go, open it with a text editor, and change the values of the four constants below. Change the values to match the bold value as shown, but replace the dark part with your own values.

cBaseUrl = ""
cMailName = "My Crowdsourcing"
cMailFrom = "me@my.domain"
cSmtpServ = ""

Compile the program:


There should be no errors, but you may get one warning you can ignore:

warning: Using 'getaddrinfo' in statically linked applications ...

Go to the db subdirectory, and copy the example questions:

cd ../db
cp questions.csv.example questions.csv

Build the database:


Upload everything to the web platform. You can now test your installation by visiting

Set up your own survey

The next step is to change the demo survey into your own survey. To do this, read the instructions at

Trouble shooting

If you have an old version of Go (1.10 or older), you will get errors when running make like these:

... cannot find package "" ...
... cannot find package "" ...

You can fix this by running:

go get
go get