Course Materials for Descriptive Statistics (for liberal arts students)

Instructor: John Nerbonne (course under development) Click on the lecture (etc.) title to see more.

  1. Description (in Dutch)
  2. Schedule 2000-2001 (Handleiding)
  3. Sheets for Lectures
    1. Introduction
    2. Descriptive Statistics.
    3. Correlation and Regression
    4. Relations between Nonnumeric Variables
    5. Collecting Data
    6. Probability
    7. Sample Distributions
    8. Confidence Intervals, Z-Tests
  4. SPSS Assignments
    1. SPSS Assignments, Rules for Grades, Results
  5. Other
    1. Computations online (get a sense of what's going on)
    2. Statistics Sites at Introductory Level
    3. Statistics in the news: Statistical Analysis of the Palm Beach, Florida ballot. Did Buchanan get some unintended votes?
  6. Theoretical Exercises (in Dutch)
    1. Interpretatie van Normaalverdeling
    2. Denkopdrachten over Kansrekening
    3. Denkopdrachten over Stat. Inferentie
  7. Material for Final (in Dutch)
    1. Material for Final (in Dutch) OLD
    2. Material for Final (in Dutch) '01 Hoofdstukken van Moore en McCabe, Formules, Begrippen, Diagrammen
    3. Oefententamen Beschrijv. Stat. '98 (in nederlands)