Laboratory Exercise 4: Chi Square

 Chi-square test

 Is there a difference between the sexes in the achievements of
 students?  A big university classified all students that had started
 their PhD in a certain year according to their status after six
 years. The categories used were 'took degree', 'still busy', 'dropped
 out'. The data are presented below.

 Status                Men              Women
 Took Degree           423                98
 Still Busy            134                33
 Dropped out           238                98

The data can be found in the file
Import this ASCII-file into SPSS. Define the three columns of the
table and choose columnnames like 'gender', 'status' and 'freq'.

 a. Create a bar chart with three bars per gender, that is one for
    the students that took a degree, one for the students that are
    still busy and one for the 'dropouts'.

 b. Determine the row and column totals and put them in the margins of
    the tabel.

 c. Determine for each cell the expected amounts.

 d. Determine the row percentages. What do they show?

 e. Determine the column percentages. What do they show?

 f. Determine the total percentages. What do they show?

 g. Determine Chi-square.

 h. Is there a significant relation between status and gender? Formulate
    H_0 and H_a. What is your conclusion?