Varieties of English

Varieties of English, Assignments

  1. Provide a 15 min. sketch of one of the varieties of English in Kortmann et al., sketching both phonological and morphosyntactic properties. Please note that if there are 10 presentations, then 15 min. will be a maximum presentation time. Please turn in notes on the variety you describe in on of three forms:
    1. A powerpoint presentation (approx. 10 sheets);
    2. A web page; or
    3. A (2pp.) handout, using keywords (not elaborate prose)

    Do list many concrete properties, and do consider letting everyone hear a stretch of the variety from the digital version (linked from the main course site). If there are hypotheses about sources, please include them, but do not emphasize theoretical explanation in this early presentation, however.

    The following summarizes which students will cover which languages.

    • Wieke Hillen, Scottish
    • Marije van der Kooij, New Zealand
    • Ellen Mulder, New York & Pennsylvania
    • Sylvie Boersma, Singapore
    • Jet Engels, Pakistan
    • Anneke Middelveld, Australian Aboriginal
    • Wietske de Vries, Jamaica
    • Hanneke Bakker, Hiberno-English
    • Sanne Kuipers, Rural American South
    • Maaike van der Spoel, Gullah