The beauties of Dutch windmill scenery

Many paintings, photographs, and illustrations of windmills in the Netherlands show these mills in their characteristic beauty and in varying circumstances of place, season, and type. They demonstrate their great charms, to which you will no doubt be susceptible.

But you will appreciate all this much better still if you set out for yourself to visit the windmills in their natural setting, to undergo the fascination they exercise on the spectator susceptible to it. We advise you to go and see the picturesque scenery of the Dutch landscape with its meadows, its waters, its reeds, and its clouds. We are sure this picture will impress itself for ever on your mind. No doubt you will then wish to have a look at the interior of a windmill for yourself. You know the exterior, but now for the machinery with all its accessories!

Well, this is possible, and for the purpose we suggest six attractive routes, which will not only lead you through beautiful scenery, but will also afford an opportunity for entering a windmill here and there, chatting with the miller and his family, and receiving a good impression of the interior.

The scope of this book does not permit a more or less detailed description of these routes, but if you will just send a postcard to the Bureau of the Dutch Windmill Society (De Hollandsche Molen, Zeeburgerdijk 139, 1095 AA Amsterdam, Holland), you will receive a detailed printed description of the six routes, which are each of them greatly worth while, not the least from the point of view of scenery. Each description is illustrated with a small but clear route map; if you wish to look at everything in a leisurely way, you are recommended to take one day for each trip.

The six routes lead respectively to windmills in the following areas: Kinderdijk, Zaan district, the province of Groningen, the island of Tholen, the western Betuwe, and the Graafschap with the Achterhoek.

Apart from all the windmill sights, during each of these trips you will be delighted to see the characteristic features of the Dutch countryside to see its typical inhabitants, a pleasure you will seek in vain in the cities and their immediate neighbourhood.

We hope you may have a pleasant time.

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