TABU Dag is an international broad linguistics conference which was organized for the 30th time in Groningen, the Netherlands. To celebrate this event, TABU Dag lasted two days and was held on Thursday, June 11th and Friday, June 12th 2009. A total of 174 participants from 19 countries attended TABU Dag 2009 to listen to 70 oral and 20 poster presentations as well as four keynote lectures. Two keynote lectures were recorded and made available on this website. You can get a visual impression of TABU Dag 2009 here.

To mark the TABU Dag anniversary, the TABU Dag 2009 best presentation award was awarded to Hayo Terband, who gave the best oral presentation of the conference. The TABU Dag 2009 best poster award was awarded to Beth Martin who presented the best poster presentation of the conference! You can view a Powerpoint presentation announcing these awards here.


Recorded keynote lectures

Two keynote lectures were recorded during TABU Dag 2009 and are available for online viewing. Due to some technical difficulties the presentation of Jack Chambers only includes the video and unfortunately not the captured slides.

We kindly thank the audiovisual department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen for creating the recordings and making them available!


We are very grateful to Gideon de Kok for designing the TABU Dag poster. You can download the poster in A2, A3 and A6 format.

TABU Dag 2009 poster


The organizing committee of TABU Dag 2009 consists of Diana Dimitrova, Myrte Gosen, Dörte Hessler, Alexandra Lenz & Martijn Wieling. They can be contacted at tabudag@rug.nl.