TABU Dag 2010

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The photos of the conference are available online.


The annual TABU Dag is an international linguistics conference organized at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Researchers, students and other interested people are warmly invited to participate! Over the last 30 years TABU Dag has been an open conference with a varied programme and guest speakers from different fields.

The conference offers excellent opportunities to meet other linguists and discuss current research in several areas of linguistics. Postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers in particular are encouraged to present their work.

This year TABU Dag will take place on 3 and 4 June 2010. You can find the important dates here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 31st TABU Dag!


19-04-2010 The presentations have been selected for TABU Dag 2010. If you did not receive a decision mail, please contact .

Because of the high number of submissions, not all could be scheduled as oral presentations, although they were highly acceptable for admission. For this reason thematic poster sessions will form a major part of the conference program, offering a large variety of research in the different fields covered by the conference. Many conferences advocate the policy to value oral presentations and posters equally, as do the organizers of this conference.

Please find the list of accepted submissions here.

The letters of acceptance have been sent out to all authors mentioned on the abstracts, without making a distinction between first and co-authors. For authors with more than one submission, this might have caused some confusion because the title of the presentation was not mentioned in the email. They can find in the list of accepted submissions which of their abstracts has been accepted for a poster or oral presentation.

23-03-2010 Abstract submission closed.

15-02-2010 Regardless of abstract acceptance, the conference registration will open on 29 March.

04-01-2010 Abstract submission opened.

16-12-2009 Michael Cysouw (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich) accepted our invitation as keynote speaker.

23-11-2009 Julia Hirschberg (Columbia University) accepted our invitation as keynote speaker.

13-11-2009 Sten Vikner (University of Aarhus) accepted our invitation as keynote speaker.

09-11-2009 John C. Trueswell (University of Pennsylvania) accepted our invitation as keynote speaker.

29-10-2009 Our website is online.

Related Events

Workshop: New approaches to Russian syntax

The day before TABU Dag 2010, on 2nd June, the workshop “New approaches to Russian syntax” takes place at the University of Groningen. The workshop is organized as part of the research project Dependency in Universal Grammar at the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen.

Symposium: Speech-language research: clinical implications

The day before TABU Dag 2010, on 2nd June, the symposium "Speech-language research: clinical implications" takes place in Groningen. The symposium closes with prof. dr. Ben Maassen’s inaugural lecture.

Download the Announcement (PDF File Format)

Between you and me: local pronouns across modalities

Immediately after TABU Dag 2010, on 7-8 June, the workshop "Between you and me: local pronouns across modalities" will take place at the Radboud University Nijmegen. The workshop is organized within the Department of Linguistics as part of the the local pronouns project.


TABU Bulletin voor Taalwetenschap (in Dutch)

TABU Dag 2009

Earlier editions of TABU Dag

Center for Language and Cognition Groningen, University of Groningen