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2018 Poster theme

For TABU dag 2018 we accept abstracts for posters with pithes. This year, all sessions will be plenary, which means that each presenter will have the chance to speak 1,5 minutes in front of the entire audience to introduce their research. In comparison to a programme with parallel sessions, this means that there is no need for the audience to move rooms between talks, and that presenters are guaranteed the full attention of all conference attendees. In addition, there is more time and space devoted to posters, which invites a deeper exchange about the research. To further promote our poster theme, there will be cash prices of up to €200 for the best posters (see our tips for winning below).

Posters and presentations

Every poster will be accompanied by a 1,5 minute pitch with around 3 slides. The goal of presentation is introduce yourself and your research (questions), but not necessarily go into any results. The primary intent of this is to interest others in your work and to then come see your poster for an in-depth discussion of your research. There is a powerpoint presentation template available here.

In case you want to print your poster in Groningen, we partnered with a local printing company. The Copy-Center Groningen will print your poster on glossy A0 paper for a substantially discounted price. More details will follow with the notification of acceptance.

Poster tips

To increase your chance of winning one of the poster prices, we compiled a little how-to list for making a great poster: