Paper Submission

The review process has been completed and the Technical Program Committee has made its decisions on acceptance and rejection of submitted papers.

Author Kits

Please note that we require full papers (max. length: 12 pages A4 conforming to these guidelines) to be submitted, describing existing research related to the topics of the workshop. In addition, we accept short papers (max. length: 6 pages A4 conforming to these guidelines) for posters and demonstrations reporting original research, resources or systems demonstrations related to the workshop topics.

The language of the TLT Conference is English, and all papers should also be submitted in well-checked English. Papers should be submitted in PDF to the email address indicated below.

LaTeX Users

Use the following template (and do not change margins, indentations or line spacing): LaTeX tex file, PDF
This template corresponds to:


\title{...}   % All words except prepositions and article capitalized

%%% next 4 lines only for final version!
\author{xxx                 % name
\\[0.5cm] uuu               % university
\\addr                      % faculty
\\E-mail: \texttt{email}}   % email



\section{...} % All words except prepositions and article capitalized

MS Word Users

The formatting should match the example document as closely as possible. In particular, the following specifications should be met:


Final papers are due on November 17, 2008.
Please send the final version of your paper to: (at)

More Info

For up-to-date info on submissions, check the TLT website