March 14, 2018 Jury for the RUG Coimbra 3 minute thesis competition
November 20, 2017 Reappointed as director of the Graduate School for the Humanities through 2021
November 6, 2017 Opening night of The Chet Baker Room in De Kleine Komedie, Amsterdam
contributing lyrics to 7 songs from the American Songbook repertoire in Dutch translation
The song is you/Dit lied ben jij (Kern/Hammerstein/Brouwers/Zwart)
October 21, 2017 Photo published by Dagblad van het Noorden
October 5, 2017 Keynote speaker at the University of Greenwich Workshop on Tenselessness
April 7, 2017 Nominated for an NRC translation award, category French
update: I didn't get it
August 2016 Featuring in a short film about recursion for a NEMO Science Project
November 30, 2015 200th linguistics lecture
September 8, 2015 Featured in a university newspaper article on Open Access
January 3, 2015 Letter to the editor published in NRC Handelsblad
October 28, 2014 Inaugural address as professor of theoretical linguistics
Full text; review (in Dutch)
September 1, 2014 25th anniversary as a linguistic researcher
May 19-27, 2014 Research visit University of Konstanz, Germany
April 30, 2014 Paperback reprint of The syntax of Dutch.
March 18, 2014 Video of the debate with Dan Everett published on YouTube
October 15, 2013 Guest on RTV Noord radio show answering one of 400 Questions for the RUG
September 12, 2013 Debate with Dan Everett on language innateness at Multilingualism Fryslân: The Key Debates
November 1, 2012 Appointed Director of the Graduate School for the Humanities
May 9, 2012 Quoted as expert in Nature
April 7, 2012 Interview in NRC Handelsblad
November 28, 2011 Quoted as expert in NRC Next
October 19, 2011 Letter to the editor published in the International Herald Tribune
September 15, 2011 The Syntax of Dutch published with Cambridge University Press
June 1, 2011 Appointed professor of theoretical linguistics

Updated April 7, 2017