Call for Applications

PhD project positions available

Submission Deadline: 27 July 2007

The selection committee of the Dutch-Ugandan project Strengthening ICT Training and Research Capacity in Uganda (SIRU) invite applications for PhD positions in the project.

There are ten positions available for candidates to study in the Netherlands (three years of residence in the Netherlands and one in Uganda) and twenty for candidates to work in Uganda.

We would like to receive the following (as much as possible in digital form to be delivered to Peace Tumuheki at Makerere.

  1. Transcripts of grades in the Bachelor and Master's programs. (If accepted, students will need to present certified transcripts to the university in which they seek the PhD degree. We can accept copies for this application procedure, however.)
  2. Two letters of reference from (former) supervisors who can testify to your scientific abilities and potential. We prefer to receive one of these letters from the supervisor of the Master's thesis or the supervisor of another project in which you played a substantial role.
  3. A project sketch of minimally 3-5 pages (excluding graphics and references). The project sketch need not be a complete project definition, but should identify a research question, motivate its importance and suggest how an answer is to be sought. If candidates wish to submit longer proposals, this is fine. Note to the many candidates who have already submitted sketches: there is no need to resubmit.

  4. A current curriculum vita, with a list of publications (if any).
  5. A copy of the Master's thesis.
  6. A letter of motivation explaining why you wish to pursue the PhD degree. If you can, please explain why awarded a position to you will help the project realize its goals of strengthening ICT training and research capacity in Uganda. Please explain your personal motivation as well.
  7. In case you wish to be considered only for one sort of position, e.g. only for positions in Uganda, please indicate this in your accompanying letter.

  8. In case you feel you have identified research groups with which your project could be linked (see Dutch Research Groups and Ugandan Research Groups), please indicate these and why you feel your project will strengthen the research lines in those groups and why you will benefit from the association.

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