Guides to specific regions and individual sites

  • Mike Carson of the University of Hawaii has described his study of the High Crosses and gravestones at Clonmacnoise, one of the most important early Irish monastic sites.
  • Grange Castle: A late 15th-century castle in County Kildare, recently restored. The restoration project is continuing, and includes the gardens and adjoining buildings, one of which will house a collection of Bronze Age artifacts found in the Edenderry area.


  • Stone Circles Some illustrations and information about stone circles and other Bronze Age ritual sites in the British Isles. Part of the STILE project at the University of Leicester: Students' and Teachers' Integrated Learning Environment, putting teaching materials on the World Wide Web to supplement courses.
  • Ogham, the most ancient form of writing in Ireland is generally found carved on grave-markers which are known as ogham stones. This site collects links to a wide range of relevant sites, from serious academic studies and discussions of digital encoding of the ogham script (and sites with ogham fonts) to `neo-Paganism' and places where you can buy `ogham staves' or ogham jewellery.

    Government institutions

  • The Heritage Council was established in 1995 to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage. It is advised by four committees covering architecture, archaeology, wildlife, and inland waterways. The archaeology committee supports a number of archaeological research projects and has an input into planning decisions which affect archaeology.
  • The Office of Public Works. One of their tasks is the conservation and presentation of National Monuments, and their site provides some information on the more important ones, with a map showing the locations. The National Monuments Section is now officially the National Monuments Section of the Department of Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht, but is still located physically in the OPW headquarters. E-mail

    Local societies

  • Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society. The Mallow Field Club organises field trips and lectures and publishes an annual journal. Its field of interest is the history and archaeology of the area round Mallow, in the northern part of County Cork.


  • E-mail directory for Irish archaeology E-mail addresses of archaeologists involved in Irish research at home and abroad

    Books and other publications

  • The British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB) : a comprehensive guide to recent archaeological books and articles relating to the British Isles. Published twice-yearly. Contains references and abstracts. Pity about the tautological title.
  • Celtic Studies Bibliography: A bibliography, under various headings including Art and Archaeology, based on recent volumes of various journals, including the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland and Emania. It is being prepared by the Celtic Studies Society of America.
  • Kennys' Bookshop and Art Galleries, Galway. This shop, well-known among archaeologists and historians in Ireland and abroad, specialises in new and second-hand books of Irish interest. This on-line service allows you to search the catalogue and to order books.
  • Peritia - journal deals with the mediaeval period, especially the earlier part, and publishes learned articles from a number of disciplines including archaeology, law, hagiography, palaeography and literary history.

    School projects

  • The Vikings: an introduction to the story of the Vikings in Dublin by Robert O'Connor of Scoil Treasa, Firhouse, Dublin 24.

    Things to do

  • Heritage Tours Story-teller Richard Marsh leads small groups on full-day tours, on which Irish myth and legend come to life in a special way "on location" at Stone Age passage tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and dolmens, Iron Age hill forts and ring forts, standing stones, ogham stones, earthworks and raths.
  • The Viking Adventure: Tour an exhibition with a Norse guide, meet `live' Vikings, and experience the sights, sounds and smells of 9th-10th Century Dublin. In the evening there is a Viking feast with live entertainment in the Banqueting Hall.


    Antigüedades del Viejo Mundo, Krannert Ar Museum.

    Grecia y Roma.Michael C Carlos Museum, Emory University.

  • Museo de la Universidad, Universidad de Pennsylvania

  • Catálogos del Museo de la Universidad, Universidad de Pennsylvania y el Peabody Museum, Universidad de Harvard.

    Nestor, una bibliografía internacional del Mediterráneo oriental, Prehistoria europea,lingüística indoeuropea, sociedad homérica y otros campos afines a través de FTP, U. de Indiana.

    Textos a través de Gopher

    Classics gopher at University of Pennsylvania, contiene: La Bryn Mawr Classical Review, TLG y Revistas Clasicas así como otras publicaciones.

    ABZU, Recursos en Internet para el Cercano Oriente.

    Bases de datos, Proyectos y otros recursos a través de Gopher

    Hellenic Civilization Database, (GR)

    Dissertation Abstracts, de la Universidad de Michigan.

    Hellenic Society, U. Edimburgo.

    The Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog:The Philotheou Monastery Project. Bates College.

    Gods on File. Un lugar web para los mitólogos.

    University of Michigan Papyrus Digitization Project.

    Catalogs of Academic Presses  


    2. Library Catalogues

    University College London, Institute of Archaeology Library, probably the best library in the U.K. for archaeology.  

    3. Online Journals and Archaeology Publications

    American Journal of Archaeology. - access to the contents pages of future issues and lists of books received.

    Archaeology - official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. A glossy and very popular magazine with a wide coverage of archaeological topics. The home page provides links to the table of contents (but not the complete articles), an interesting section of newsbriefs, which are short news items with colour photographs, information on future features and events and subscription details, including a list of back issues. This is a new site (December 1995) and likely to undergo further development.

    CBA Briefing The information supplement to the CBA journal British Archaeology (above). Includes information on, for example, fieldwork, events, conferences, and people.

    Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies - refereed journal published under the auspices of the Department of Conservation and Museum Studies at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. (Still under construction).

    Journal of Field Archaeology. More than just an online journal, this is actually a web site with access to more than just issues of the journal. Includes a very helpful list of indices by region and/or topic for articles in the journal and a listing of authors with links to abstracts and book reviews.

    Journal of Material Culture Announcement for a new journal due for publication in 1996 which will be of interest to archaeologists and to social scientists in general.

    Journal of Roman Archaeology. - excellent and comprehensive electronic journal available online in its entirety. Tables of contents can be viewed and searched for authors, articles or book reviews. A must for those interested in the archaeology of the Roman world.

    Radiocarbon - WWW site for the radiocarbon research community as well as home for Radiocarbon, the international journal of radiocarbon and scientific dating. Includes announcements, news and the chance to communicate with others in this field.

    BookSearch facility allowing searches by title, author, publisher and ISBN. Individual book details are good, including, for example, whether copies are in stock or not. Well worth checking

    Organisations Promoting Archaeology

    National Monuments Record - includes a wealth of information in many forms on the heritage of England. At present there is also an interesting section on the air photographs which have resulted following the unusually dry weather this summer.

    World Archaeological Bulletin - reports the news and papers of conferences. Tables of contents are available online but not text. Archaeologists around the world will already be familiar with the excellent One World Archaeology series of monographs which have been the result of World Archaeological Congresses in past years.  


    Fitzwilliam Museum Information on the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge including details of collections. The Department of Antiquities has rich collections on the Near East, Western Asia, Greece.

    The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology in Michigan USA. Covers Greek, Roman and Near Eastern material.

    Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter. Exeter's museum has strong collections in Prehistoric and Roman Devon.

    You can also take a

    Tour of the City of Exeter, coverings its origins and development, and a

    Guide to Dartmoor including coverage of its history and archaeology, preservation and geography.  

    British Archaeology Dig List Simply a link to British digs currently seeking volunteers (1996).

    Finding an Excavation Information on how to go about finding an excavation requiring volunteer help. Check3

    1995 Kapatija file contains the information sites added last year.a list of information retrieval sites for the Bronze Age and Classical Aegean worlds.


    ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine

    BMCR (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)

    BMMR (Bryn Mawr Medieval Review)


    list to be checked throroughly

    Aldine Press

    The American Schools of Oriental Research

    Publications Office World Wide Web Page

    Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua (from Mycenaean times to the fall of the Roman Empire), was


    Archaeological Data Archive Project (ADAP:

    Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities

    Athens Acropolis

    ARCHLISTS: Network resources of interest to anthropologists

    List 2   Association of Ancient Historians


    Institut fuer Altertumskunde - Klassische Archaeologie, Erlangen: the AERIA-Project (Antikensammlung Erlangen Internet Archive) with (eventually) 40 000 photographs of classical art and sites.

    The Australian Classics Postgraduate Web Page  

    Bernal/Lefkowitz Debate

    Lefkowitz's response to Bernal's review


    Bible searches

    CAMWS (Classical Association of the Middle West and South) Homepage  

    The Classical Association of the Atlantic States

    Classical Association of Virginia (CAV)

    Classics web page  


    The Aegean and the Orient in the Second Millennium to be held at the University of Cincinnati 18-20 April 1997 At Home in the Ancient World: Domestic Life in the Mediterranean Basin from the Beginnings of Urbanization to the High Roman Empire:

    Crossing the Stages: The Production, Performance, and Reception of Ancient Theater" (to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on 23-26 October 1997):  


    Fragments of Time (Antiquities Dealer)  

    GNOMON - BIBLIOGRAPHISCHE DATENBANK - Internationales Informationssystem fuer die Klassische Altertumswissenschaft"


    The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto: Egypt, Greeks and Etruscans:

    The Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago, all galleries (Egypt, Assyria, Mesopotamia, Persia, etc.):

    Catal Huyuk (Turkey):  

    Music: Neanderthal (Slovenia) musical instrument

    Der Neue Pauly (via GEIST [German Encyclopedic Internet Service Terminal]):. This will be a new encyclopedia in 15 volumes, of which 12 vol. will be "Altertum" and 3 vol. "Rezeption". Pubication schedule: Band 1 (Aa-Asyn), October 1996; Band 2 (At-Cor), spring 1997; Band 3 (Cos-Exc), fall 1997; thereafter, two volumes per year. Reception will appear in fall 1998, fall 1999, and fall 2000. Coverage of antiquity goes as late as A.D. 800.


    Parthenon Frieze & the Borghese Plaques

    PASP (Program in Aegean Scripts and Prehistory):  

    Skenotheke (ancient theatre)

    SOMA 1997 Post-Graduate Symposium On Mediterranean Archaeology 1997  

    TOCS-IN Project (Tables of Contents of Journals of Interest to Classicists)


    FTP databases



    In library format, WAIS-indexed

    UVa files  


    Virtual Reality

    Greek & Roman buildings

    Learning Sites, a company that writes programs for archaeologists


    Web Resources in Other Countries




    Classics Departments

    Germany Universities, Depts of Ancient History

    Italian Universities

    Dendrochronology sites

    Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research

    The RING Foundation

    International Tree Ring Data Bank

    The Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia

    Sheffield Dendrochronology Laboratory

    Cornell Dendrochronology Projects

    Hal's Home Page

    Hal's Principles Home Page

    Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Protection, Hamburg

    Tree-Ring Data Sets

    Briffa's Home Page

    Tom Levanicīs Home Page