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This page lists newly acquired web resources - currently some 300 each year - and other changes until they have been inserted into the ARGE database. Once that is done, you can find them either by using the ARGE query page or under the appropriate subject, country, and period pages.

The information in this guide is copyright © by the individual editors.

22 March 2001

New URLs: the following were mostly lifted from ArchNet's (no longer maintained) page of new links submitted between 30/09/00 and 20/03/01
Heimdal-archaeometry - private page by Arne Jouttijärvi, introduces archaeometry of metals; under construction. In Danish, with an English version planned.
La sidérurgie antique dans la Montagne Noire - well-presented site, on roman metallurgy at the Black Mountain, the main iron production site in the south of France, and one of the main in the roman empire. Includes experimental work. In French.
Steinzeit in der Wismarbucht - Stone Age in the Wismar Bay, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Complete illustrated report on underwater research at a late mesolithic Ertebølle site, by Harald Lübke. In German.
The Charles McBurney Laboratory for Geo-Archaeology - at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge. In English.
Instituto Tecnolµgico e Nuclear, "Cultural Heritage and Science" group - inaccessible because of inactive menus. "Cultural Heritage and Sciences" group at the Nuclear and Technological Institute in Portugal. Main available methods: chemical characterisation of ancient materials by instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA), Radiocarbon dating unit and TL-OSL dating unit.
Department of History and Archaeology - University of Cyprus. Brief description of activities. In English.
The Tsaroukkas, Mycenaeans and Trade Project - at the department of archaeology of Reading University (UK), gives an overview of 1996-7 research at a late Bronze Age settlement and cemetery in the Tsarroukas area, a second nearby LBA settlement, and the nearby seabed, of southern Cyprus. In English.
Agia Varvara - ALMYRAS: Ancient Copper Production on Cyprus - in English and German.
Sydney Cyprus Survey Project - regional survey project in the northern Troodos foothills of central Cyprus,
Politiko Phorades - Excavations of a Bronze Age Smelting Site in Cyprus - In English.
@rchemail - site of the Napolitan Archaeological Society Onlus and of Campanian archaeology. In Italian. - private (?) web guide to Romanian archaeology. In English.
Servicios de Topografía, Dibujo y CAD - private pages by Jose Carrasco, offering professional topographical drawing, CAD and mapping services. In Spanish.
@artefact - private pages presenting a large number of brief illustrated articles on 'fringe archaeology' items, mostly to do with rock art. Calls itself the 'journal of the Virtual Laboratory for Archaeometry (VLA)'. In French and English.
PATRIMONI-UB. Recerca aplicada al Patrimoni Històric - from the Department of Crystallography and Mineralogy, University of Barcelona, Spain. Research group studying the archaeometry of ancient ceramics. In Catalan, Spanish, and English.
Chronozones - annual archaeology bulletin by graduate students of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Articles on-line (including previous volumes) and news about Swiss archaeology. In French and English.
Dossiers d'archéologie - popular monthly journal established in 1973. Site under contruction; no content available yet.
Archaeometry - 6-monthly international journal on the involvement of physical and biological sciences with archaeology. In English.
World Archaeology - brief details of this 6-monthly journal. The 2000 volume (32) is available only to subscribers. In English.
Centre de Recherche en Physique Appliquée à l'Archéologie (CRPAA) - at the Institute for the Study of Ancient Materials IRAMAT, University of Bordeaux III (France). Research here relates to the application of the physico-chemical methods to anorganic materials (ceramics, glass, metals, pigments, architectural stone etc.) for dating, characterization and conservation-preservation. Extensive web site. In French.
Lehrstuhl für Klassische Archäologie - Institut for Classical Archeology at the University of Würzburg (Germany). In German.
Martin von Wagner Museum - of the University of Würzburg (Germany). Details and tour through the collection of Antiquities. In German.
Gazeta de la Sociedad Española de Historia de la Arqueología - web journal of SEHA, Spanish Society for the History of Archaeology. This is an extensive web site which, for example, contains links into many other areas of Spanish archaeology. In Spanish.
Museo Arqueológico Castro de Santa Tecla - late Bronze Age to Roman site and museum of Monte Santa Tecla, Galicia (Spain). In Spanish.
Apamée de l'Euphrate - geophysical surveys and excavations on two Hellenistic sites at Apamea (Urfa region, Turkey), and their integration into other archaeological methods. Joint rescue project by Nantes University and the Museum of Gaziantepe. In French.
Gruppo Archeologico Torinese - web site of the Turin chapter of the Archaeological Associations of Italy. Activities, projects, scope, news, etc. In Italian and English.
Institut Istorii Material'noj Kul'turi - Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences, based in St Petersburg. Oldest state archaeological institution in Russia, founded in 1859. In Russian and English.

Updated URLs:
The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology - new address.
GIS and Remote Sensing for Regional Archaeology: Burgundy, France - new address.
Gruppi Archeologici d'Italia - new address; comment updated.
Paleo.Flint - Lithics Lithic implements ,Paleolithic, Mesolithic,Neolithic settlements Mediterran.
Archaeology Ireland - new address.

21 March 2001

New URLs:
Stichting Archeologische Werkgroep Haarlem - homepage of the Haarlem chapter of the main Dutch amateur archaeological society, AWN. In Dutch and English.
Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory - in New Zealand. Details of sample submission, pricing, and processing for AMS and conventional radiocarbon dating. Inludes radiocarbon references and links. In English.
Comité d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Mauriac et sa Région - site illustrates the neolithic to medieval archaeology of Mauriac and its surroundings in the Cantal region (Auvergne, France), maintained by local society. In French with an English version under construction.
Neanderthals and Modern Humans - A Regional Guide - developed and maintained by anthropologist/journalist Scott Brown, this extensive introduction and guide to internet resources on Neanderthals and early modern humans brings together just about all you could want to know, and puts it in the context of original illustrated and referenced discussions of the evidence for each of four geographical regions. In English. Recommended!
World of the Celts - private site by educator David Freeman, presenting history and archaeology of the ancient Britons in an attractive manner. Pitched at children and the general public, and includes games, events, and links to re-enactment groups. In English.
Lake Down, near Wilsford, Wiltshire - English Heritage report on the geophysical survey of three pond barrows, March 1996.

Updated URLs:
Chester City Council heritage pages - changed URL.
Petite chronologie de l'histoire bretonne - changed URL.
Worlebury - An Area of Multi-Period Occupation in North Somerset - changed URL; contains some inoperative links.
Maritime Fife - changed URL.
Mit Neutronen auf den Spuren der Kelten - changed URL.
Museo Leone, Vercelli - changed URL.
The Grauballe Man - changed URL.
II Parthian Legion homepage - changed URL.
Alastair's Derbyshire Stone Circle pages - changed URL and updated contents.
Bibracte: ville Gauloise - changed URL and contents. Details of the excavations, the research centre, the museum, plus section on druids. In French and English.
La Préhistoire de L'Ile d'Oléron - changed URL.
Paleo-Aktueel - changed URL.

13 March 2001

New URLs:
H@R! : Heritage at Risk - series of brief ICOMOS reports on current threats to the archaeological heritage, by country. Mostly in English; some French.
Workshop - Archäologie und Computer - organised annually by the Vienna Society for Urban Archaeological Research since 1996, this workshop brings together computer-using archaeologists mainly from central Europe. Abstracts from the latest workshops are made available. In German.
Conservación y Restauración - commercial conservation and restauration of archaeological materials. This web site under construction introduces the subject to the general and professional reader. In Spanish.
FlintSource.Net - Dutch website dedicated to sourcing flint and similar materials. Includes terminology, literature, and a database of source materials searchable by type or name. Note: site has some display problems in Netscape and older MSIE browsers. In English.
ARCHEO-DEBLAI - archaeological consultancy located in southern France, specialising in preparatory operations for, and assisting in publication of, excavations. In French.
Projekti Arkeologjik i Rajonit Mallakastër / Mallakastra Regional Archaeological Project (MRAP) - a joint US-Albanian regional surface survey being operated in the Mallakstra/Fier region of south-central Albania (an area centered on the Greek colony of Apollonia). Includes full interim reports for 1998-2000 and links to further Albanian archaeological web sites. In English and Albanian.

Updated URLs:
ARCHAEOSURVEY - page updated with new material regarding the Roman Age Town of Altino, discovered using the magnetic method. In the magnetic map covering an area of 5 hectares we can recognize the town plan with buildings organized in districts delimited by streets and channels like in the city of Venice. In English.
ABZU Guide to resources for the study of the ancient Near East - from the Oriental Institute, Chicago. In English.
Ancient Sites - a brief illustrated discussion of Newgrange and the Boyne valley megalithic tombs from a variety of points of view. In English.
Ascoli Piceno - Teatro Romano - one image and a brief description of the Roman theatre at Ascoli Piceno. In Italian and English.
The Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum - follow link to 'museum tour'. In English.
Pompeii: teaching resources - the House of the Faun and its mosaics - new address.
Landesmuseum Mainz - new address.
Reiß-Museum, Mannheim - new address.
Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society (BWAS) - new address.
Regia Anglorum - new address.
Archéologie Faverges - Musée archéologique de Viuz - new address.

1 March 2001

Today, your fearless editor has become unemployed!

New URLs:
De Steekproef - archaeological consultancy specialising in preliminary surveys (field walking, geophysical, coring) in the northern Netherlands. In Dutch.

21 February 2001

New URLs:
TMA Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie - annual journal of Mediterranean archaeology, covering research by archaeology departments in Belgium and the Netherlands. Caution: this website sports an advertising window and currently is not functioning at all! In Dutch.
Svenska Ostindiska Companiet - extensive and lavishly illustrated web site by company building an exact replica of the 18th century Swedish East Indiaman Göteborg. Web visitors can follow the project towards the coming launch and the future voyage to China. In Swedish and English.

15 February 2001

New URLs:
Classics Eireann - guide to the study of Greek and Roman civilisation in Ireland. In English.
Archäologie in Bayern - guide to archaeology in Bavaria, by Kurt Scheuerer, Ingolstadt. In German.
Journal of Field Archaeology - subscription and publication details of this quarterly journal published at Boston University; abstracts since volume 1 (1974) available, indexed by author and topic. To find abstracts relevant to Europe, use regional index. In English.

Updated URLs:
Sources of Information on Antiquities Theft - new URL; last updated in July 2000.
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - new URL.
Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Parma - new URL.
Institutionen för antikens kultur och samhällsliv - at Uppsala university; new URL.
Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt - new URL.
Division of Archaeology, School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester - changed URL.

5 February 2001

New URLs:
We welcome a new national guide to archaeological web resources: Finland!
Arkeologian harrastajan nettisivu - private pages by Marjukka Mäkelä, presenting a guide to archaeology in Finland. In Finnish.
La Grotte Cosquer - tour of this undersea cave in southern France, by the French ministry of culture, with maps and images of its art. In French and English.
The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave - tour of this cave discovered in 1994 in the Ardèche region of France, by the French ministry of culture, with maps and images of its art. In English.

You can work your way backwards through the archives of the "newlinks" page for the years 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, and 1995. These files are ~100 KB in size. No archive was kept between ARGE's start in March 1995 and 7 August of that year.