Barbara Plank

Barbara Plank

Assistant professor
(Universitair Docent)
Computational Linguistics, CLCG University of Groningen

My research focuses on cross-domain and cross-language natural language processing. I am interested in robust language technology, learning under sample selection bias (domain adaptation, transfer learning), annotation bias (embracing annotator disagreements in learning) and generally, semi-supervised and weakly-supervised machine learning.

Recent publications (more)

  • Željko Agić, Anders Johannsen, Barbara Plank, Héctor Martínez Alonso, Natalie Schluter and Anders Søgaard. Multilingual Projection for Parsing Truly Low-Resource Languages. To appear in TACL.
  • Barbara Plank, Anders Søgaard and Yoav Goldberg. Multilingual Part-of-Speech Tagging with Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory Models and Auxiliary Loss. In ACL (short), 2016. [arXiv]
  • Ben Verhoeven, Walter Daelemans and Barbara Plank. TwiSty: a Multilingual Twitter Stylometry Corpus for Gender and Personality Profiling. To appear in LREC 2016.
  • Raffaella Bernardi, Ruket Cakici, Desmond Elliott, Aykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem, Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis, Frank Keller, Adrian Muscat and Barbara Plank. Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures. To appear in JAIR. [JAIR]
  • Barbara Plank and Dirk Hovy. Personality Traits on Twitter---or---How to Get 1,500 Personality Tests in a Week. In WASSA 2015, EMNLP 2015 workshop. [pdf]
  • Barbara Plank, Héctor Martínez Alonso, Željko Agić, Danijela Merkler, Anders Søgaard. Do dependency parsing measures correlate with human judgements? In CoNLL 2015. [pdf]

Professional service

  • EACL 2017 Student research workshop faculty advisor
  • ACL 2016 publicity chair
  • EMNLP 2015 publicity chair
  • Program committee for conferences: AAAI 2016; NIPS 2016; ACL 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013; EMNLP 2015, 2014; NAACL 2016; CoNLL 2016, 2015; COLING 2014; IJCNLP 2014; *SEM 2015;
  • Program committee for workshops: NAACL SRW 2016; IWPT 2015; SemEval 2015; MWE 2016,2015; LAW 2016; L&V 2016; NoDaLiDa 2013, 2015; NLPIT 2016, 2015; IJCAI 2013; CLIN 20;
  • Journal reviewer: Information Processing and Management Journal 2013; Journal of Logic and Computation special issue, 2012; IMIX project book chapter 2011; JIS 2016;


  • Spring 2016: Language Technology Project, RUG
  • Spring 2016: Language Processing 2, UCPH (initial lectures before departure)
  • Autumn 2015: Cognitive Science 1, UCPH
  • Spring 2015: Language Processing 2, UCPH
  • Autumn 2014: Cognitive Science 1, UCPH

Short Bio

  • April 2016 - : Assistant Professor, University of Groningen
  • Sep 2014-Mar 2016: Assistant Professor, CST, University of Copenhagen
  • Aug 2013-Aug 2014: Postdoc, CST, Copenhagen LOWLANDS
  • Nov 2011-Jun 2013: Postdoc, DISI, Trento LiMoSiNe project
  • 2007-2011: Ph.D., Alfa-informatica, University of Groningen
  • MSc European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (EM-LCT). University of Bozen-Bolzano (Italy) and University of Amsterdam (UvA, The Netherlands) (2007).
  • BSc, Computer Science, University of Bozen-Bolzano (2005).

Code & Data

News & Events

  • We are organizing a COLING 2016 workshop: PEOPLES
  • Juni 2016: Got an Nvidia academic hardware grant!
  • Juni 2016: LAW-X 2016 paper accepted
  • May 2016: TACL paper accepted!
  • April 2016: ACL short paper accepted on bi-LSTM tagging with auxiliary loss!
  • April 2016: I'm EACL 2017 SRW (student research workshop) Faculty Advisor
  • March 2016: our LREC 2016 paper on personality and gender profiling on Twitter is ready!
  • Jan 2016: I'm ACL 2016 publicity chair
  • Jan 2016: LREC paper accepted
  • December 2015: Invited talk in Heidelberg
  • December 2015: JAIR survey paper accepted
  • November 2015: TLT paper accepted
  • October 2015: Keynote speaker at Atila 2015, Antwerp; Guest lecture in Gothenburg.
  • September 2015: Publicity chair EMNLP 2015, Lisbon
  • Juli 2015: WASSA 2015 paper on personality traits accepted
  • June 2015: CoNLL paper accepted on correlating dependency parsing measures with human judgements
  • April 2015: Two ACL long papers accepted!
  • Feb 2015: Two NAACL papers accepted!
  • Jan 2015: I'm EMNLP 2015 publicity chair
  • Dec 2014: AAAI paper accepted
  • Nov 28, 2014: Visiting Uppsala
  • November 2014: I love the command line and gave a tiny introduction to it for text processing recently, you can find it here: No black magic: Text processing using the UNIX command line
  • Our paper on super-sense tagging received the *SEM best paper award!
  • Our Coling tutorial slides on part II: sample selection bias - more on the Lowlands site
  • July 2014: EMNLP paper accepted
  • May 2014: Our paper "Adapting taggers to Twitter with not-so-distant supervision" is accepted at COLING
  • April 2014: Our paper on "What's in a p-value in NLP" is accepted at CoNLL 2014, two Lowlands papers accepted at ACL 2014 short, and one ACL workshop paper (WAASA 2014)
  • Paper on Opinion Mining on YouTube to appear at ACL 2014
  • Our EACL 2014 paper received the best long paper award!
  • Jan 2014: Four accepted LREC papers by people from Lowlands
  • December 20, 2013: Lowlands EACL 2014 paper accepted on Learning POS taggers with inter-annotator agreement loss
  • December 12, 2013: Going to Gothenburg to give a talk on tagging Twitter, CLT Seminar series
  • Attending PhD defense and Workshop in Groningen, April 2013
  • Splet 2012 Shared task: Dependency Parsing of Legal Texts
  • December 8, 2011: My PhD thesis defense in Groningen.
  • Going to ACL 2011 in Portland, Orlando -- Second paper with Daniel de Kok and Gertjan van Noord got accepted!
  • Autumn 2010: List of genre-annotated WSJ files (updated) (cf. Webber, 2009: "Genre distinctions for discourse in the Penn Treebank")
  • July 2010: We organized an ACL 2010 workshop on Domain Adaptation for NLP (DANLP)
  • June 19, 2009: Khalil Sima'an in Groningen, CLCG colloqium
  • January 12-16, 2009 at RUG: MaxEnt tutorial by Rob Malouf
  • The 19th edition of CLIN (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) will be held in Groningen on Thursday, January 22, 2009, in conjunction with the 7th edition of TLT
  • International Workshop TLT 7 (Treebank and Linguistic Theories), Groningen January 23 and 24, 2009.
  • May 15, 2008: LCT PhD student's day in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy


b <mylastname> (at) gmail (dot) com
b (dot) mylastname (at) rug (dot) nl

Barbara Plank
University of Groningen

Tel. +31 (0)50 303 4921


At last, a computer that understands you like your mother.
--1985, McDonnell-Douglas ad (Lee, 2004)