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Light Waves at the Boundary of Nonlinear Media
Bloembergen, N.; Pershan, P. S.
AA(Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts), AB(Division of Engineering and Applied Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Physical Review, vol. 128, Issue 2, pp. 606-622
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Solutions to Maxwell's equations in nonlinear dielectrics are presented which satisfy the boundary conditions at a plane interface between a linear and nonlinear medium. Harmonic waves emanate from the boundary. Generalizations of the well-known laws of reflection and refraction give the direction of the boundary harmonic waves. Their intensity and polarization conditions are described by generalizations of the Fresnel formulas. The equivalent Brewster angle for harmonic waves is derived. The various conditions for total reflection and transmission of boundary harmonics are discussed. The solution of the nonlinear plane parallel slab is presented which describes the harmonic generation in experimental situations. An integral equation formulation for wave propagation in nonlinear media is sketched. Implications of the nonlinear boundary theory for experimental systems and devices are pointed out.
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