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Against Many-Worlds Interpretations
Kent, Adrian
AA(The Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences, Princeton, New Jersey 08540, USA)
International Journal of Modern Physics A, Volume 5, Issue 09, pp. 1745-1762 (1990). (IJMPA Homepage)
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This is a critical review of the literature on many-worlds interpretations, MWI, with arguments drawn partly from earlier critiques by Bell and Stein. The essential postulates involved in various MWI are extracted, and their consistency with the evident physical world is examined. Arguments are presented against MWI proposed by Everett, Graham and DeWitt. The relevance of frequency operators to MWI is examined; it is argued that frequency operator theorems of Hartle and Farhi-Goldstone-Gutmann do not in themselves provide a probability interpretation for quantum mechanics, and thus neither support existing MWI nor would be useful in constructing new MWI. Comments are made on papers by Geroch and Deutsch that advocate MWI. It is concluded that no plausible set of axioms exists for an MWI that describes known physics.
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