Oct. 16, 2019
Top News
California officials will launch the first-ever earthquake early warning app for all of the state’s residents Thursday.
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders seem to compete for which candidate can most thoroughly denounce billionaires. Not since the Great Depression have candidates so aggressively pilloried the well-to-do.
Marjorie Klapper’s son applied to college with a fraudulent ACT score and an application that falsely portrayed him as African American, Latino and the first in his family to attend college.
Thousands could once again be without power in the coming days as SCE mulls shutting off electricity to customers in an attempt to avoid wildfires.
Los Angeles lawmakers took the first step toward a minimum wage for tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers, approving a study of how the law would work and how it would be enforced.
The activist attorney defends the use of secret settlements in sexual harassment cases following an awards season screening for the upcoming film “Bombshell,” about sexual harassment at Fox News.
Cary Grant, J. Edgar Hoover and Katharine Hepburn were all clients of Hollywood’s matchmaker. Or so he claimed.
At NPR Tiny Desk concert, Taylor Swift called “Lover” a “happy, romantic album,” but that didn’t stop the breakup-song queen from doing what she does best.
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 6.4 quake was centered about 5 miles from Columbio, a landlocked town in the Sultan Kudarat province.
The Trump administration is resuming financial assistance to three Central American countries after they signed immigration deals with the U.S.
This week, 226 years since her execution, a new exhibition in Paris aims to show how Marie Antoinette’s image has undergone a makeover in recent years. From reviled royal to pop icon, her face now appears on gift shop souvenirs at her former home at Versailles, on bars of chocolate, hairbrushes, mugs, shopping bags, fridge magnets and various plastic souvenirs.
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