“Backstage with Guitar Hero” Launches Tomorrow in PlayStation Home

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The time has come for all of you virtual rock stars to get your butts into PlayStation Home and show off your sickest riffs and slickest licks. That’s right – on Thursday, March 26th, Activision is launching their first PlayStation Home space to support their hit franchise – Guitar Hero. And you’re invited to the launch party!

Guitar Hero PlayStation Home Space 7

The event will take place in the “Backstage with Guitar Hero” space where players will be able to rock out on their PLAYSTATION 3 controllers to a lightning-fast finger rock-style interactive mini-game. In this mind-boggling party game of music, memory, and reflexes, players are challenged to follow the lead of a guitarist by matching an ever-increasing color and sound pattern. With each turn a new note is added to the tune, and when a player misses a note they are knocked out of the game until only one player is left standing. A local leaderboard captures the highest scores in real time so the true champion gets their due props and the losers are left to practice their chops in shame.

On Friday, March 27th, between the hours of 12:00pm and 5:00pm PT (3:00pm and 8:00pm EST) the PlayStation Home Community Management team will be visiting the new Guitar Hero game space each hour on the hour and awarding the user with the current high score a special prize. So come out and show us your godly guitar skills. Who knows – you might just emerge the new virtual rock star of PlayStation Home

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  • 1st for the 1st time!! looks tight!

  • I rather buy Rock Band 2 than any GH games. Why invest alot when you can just buy awesome tracks of ur choosing which are backwards and forward compatible?

  • 2.7 update?

  • Awesome!

    When’s Rockband going to do the same?

  • Havoc_Maker

    video not available. bummer.

  • Wow, surprising. Came out of left field. Looking forward to this.

  • MetalGearC11

    Cool, I will check it after work!

  • gooch-getta

    cool, to bad socom has no update yet left in the dust again.

  • holy damn,home gets better and better each day..thats the stuff we need in home,keep em coming.

  • excuse the one word but this [DELETED] is crazy, xi then this…oh man, hats off

  • Nice more stuff like this is needed in home
    G-hero need trophies, please!

  • so…does this mean 2.7 is coming tonight :).

  • Eric Lempel, get out here and demonstrate Cross Game Chat for us please!

  • Slipping_halo

    No video…….and as much as this is kinda cool, I would have much rather activision to put in trophies into GHWT, but there too lazy and greedy. Thats just my two cents, either way I will still check this out

  • Havoc_Maker

    anyone else see that the video is unavaiable?

  • Awesome! I bet you already know the video isn’t available.

  • ya vid is unavaible i wanted to see it

  • Absolutely incredible!

    Home is like watching an Avanlance of Pure Win totally owning the PS3 haters. It just keeps getting bigger and insaner every week.

    High five Activision, Sony, and the Home team!

  • Hah, I was just thinking of this last night while I was in Home.

  • OMG! Yes! Bring on the Game Spaces! You’re doing a great job Locust! See you around HOME!

    P.S. Guess you wasn’t kidding when you said we’d have a major content update. Thanks so much for you and CydoniaX’s hard work.

  • note to sony, dont make the viddler profile private

  • smokey_vols

    Seems like it could be fun. Will these be songs in the space or just guitars?

  • oh snap! a guitar Hero Homespace!? now all we need is gamelaunching for GH.

  • Yeah Video isn’t availible

  • Um… why does the video not work?

  • Any new stuff you guys can bring to the table in Home is welcomed by me with open arms. Thanks for the heads up, and I’ll be sure to check it out tomorrow.

    Also, video no worky.

  • The_Punisher111

    This better not disappoint ;)


  • This is very interesting! With the additions of Xi and now GH this week in Home, I can tell that I will be using it a lot! Good job! BTW, the video is not available.

  • Bummer… no video shown :(

    How about also patching up GH World Tour with trophies?

  • Hey guys, please make the video not private, so we can see it. Thanks, aschx.

  • The_Punisher111

    Oh yeah and ….
    PS You guys better be afraid of my guitar skillz i play a real guitar in real life Muha hahahaha >:)

  • DeforMAKulizer

    W00t!!! Totally unexpected!!!!
    Way to go PS Home! =D

  • wonder where eric has been only seen Jeff more than him on this blog!

  • damn kool, Xi now this! sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe this is something that some people were asking for with no response from the Home Managers. Then, out of the blue, BANG! We get hit with an unexpected game space. Great job, everyone. And, great job to Locust_Star for being able to keep a secret. Definitely something I will be looking into and, perhaps, jamming in.

  • I am so ready to win that prize y’all speak of

  • AmericanNinja1

    Locust the video does not work.

  • kz2, ut3, r2, XI, gh space…oh what to do tomorrow

  • So its bascially a glorified version of Simon yeh ?? Correct me if im wrong…..

  • Thanks for making the video public!

  • Cool, thanks for the space!

  • Can one of the Sony guys confirm if this is a worldwide realese or is it just US ?

  • Wow this came out of nowhere.

  • KingOfHearts

    Rock on Home!

  • oh no~ PS3, you are so bad, you are taking over my life now! you did better marry me!

  • Slipping_halo

    Yay the video is working now!!! Looks kinda cool, but still I wish for trophies…..Rock Band 2 came out before GHWT and they had them…..

  • So when a guy is up on stage performing the other Home crowd can see the guy up on stage right?

  • cool, i will check this out

  • will there be leaderboards?

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