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Collection details
Collection ID LG1
Title Yolmo (also known as Helambu Sherpa, Nepal)
Description Audio recordings of grammatical elicitation, words lists, texts, narratives and conversations. Also one video recording of conversation picture task. Sessions mainly conducted in Nepali and Yolmo. Accompanying Transcriber or ELAN files provided for most files. Also a small number of recordings with Kagate speakers (Ramechhap district), Melamchi Valley Yolmo speakers and Ilam Yolmo speakers.
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Lauren Gawne
Originating university University of Melbourne
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Region / village Lamjung
Cite as Lauren Gawne (collector), 2009; Yolmo (also known as Helambu Sherpa, Nepal) (LG1), Digital collection managed by PARADISEC. [Closed Access] DOI: 10.4225/72/56E825B0B80EA
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Edit access Amanda Harris
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access details Contact depositor. After 50 years (e.g., 2064) PARADISEC is given the right to release materials if the depositor is not contactable.
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09091401 Basic greetings View
09091402 Vocab: body parts View
09091403 Vocab: Numbers View
09091404 Vocab: Numbers View
09091405 colours View
09091406 Pronouns, wh- words, quantifiers View
09091407 Vocab: adjectives pt. 1 View
09091408 Vocab: adjectives pt. 2 View
09091501 Follow up: Body, pronouns, tone minimal pairs View
09091502 Verb: sleep, present View

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