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0786439424softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The Marx Brothers as social critics : satire and comic nihilism in their films / Martin A. Gardner. Leatherby Humanities Library; PN2297.M3 G37 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786439556softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Ed Wood, mad genius : a critical study of the films / Rob Craig. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.W66 C73 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786439629pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Francophone African cinema : history, culture, politics and theory / K. Martial Frindéthié. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1993.5.A35 F75 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786439947softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Joe Gans : a biography of the first African American world boxing champion / Colleen Aycock and Mark Leatherby Social Science Library; GV1132.G33 A93 2008   BOOKS c2008
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0786440228illustratedcasebindingalkpaper : Available      
      The films of Johnny Depp / William B. Parrill. Leatherby Humanities Library; PN2287.D39 P37 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786440325softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Between two evils : the World War II memoir of a girl in occupied Warsaw and a Nazi labor camp / Lucy Leatherby Humanities Library; D811.5 .R23 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786440406softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      John Woo : the films / Kenneth E. Hall ; foreword by Tony Williams. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.W655 H36 2012   BOOKS 2012
0786440686 : Library Use Only      
      The 1908 Olympic Games : results for all competitors in all events, with commentary / by Bill Mallon Leatherby Special Collections; GV722 1908 .M35 2009   BOOKS 2009
0786440767pbk : Available      
      Arthurian legends on film and television / Bert Olton. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.A75 O48 2000   BOOKS 2000
0786440961setpbkalkpaper : Library Use Only      
      Experimental television, test films, pilots, and trial series, 1925 through 1995 : seven decades of s Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1992.8.P54 T46 2009   BOOKS 2009
0786441127softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Anime and memory : aesthetic, cultural and thematic perspectives / Dani Cavallaro. Leatherby Fine Arts Collection; NC1766.J3 C368 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786441151pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Fairy tales reimagined : essays on new retellings / edited by Susan Redington Bobby ; foreword by Kat Leatherby Social Science Library; GR550 .F284 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786441186illustratedcasebindingalkpaper : Available      
      I talked with a zombie : interviews with 23 veterans of horror and sci-fi films and television / Tom Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.H6 W35 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786441208softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Obesity in America, 1850-1939 : a history of social attitudes and treatment / Kerry Segrave. Leatherby Science & Technology Library; RC628 .S438 2008   BOOKS c2008
078644178xsoftcoveralkpaper : Available      
      H.J. Heinz : a biography / Quentin R. Skrabec, Jr. Leatherby Business Library; HC102.5.H435 S57 2009   BOOKS 2009
0786441976softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Horror video games : essays on the fusion of fear and play / edited by Bernard Perron ; foreword by C Leatherby Social Science Library; GV1469.34.P79 H67 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786442115softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Billy Wilder, movie-maker : critical essays on the films / edited by Karen McNally. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.W56 B53 2011   BOOKS 2011
0786442166softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Richard Matheson on screen : a history of the filmed works / Matthew R. Bradley ; foreword by Richard Leatherby Humanities Library; PS3563.A8355 Z57 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786442204softcoveralkpaper : Display Circulating      
      Face to face with angels : images in medieval art and in film / Sandra Gorgievski. Angels Collection; PN1995.9.S8 G67 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786442239pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Beyond adaptation : essays on radical transformations of original works / edited by Phyllis Frus and Leatherby Humanities Library; PN171.A33 B49 2010   BOOKS c2010
078644259xsoftcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Kermit culture : critical perspectives on Jim Henson's Muppets / edited by Jennifer C. Garlen and Ani Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1992.77.M853 K48 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786442603softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Inner theatres of good and evil : the mind's staging of gods, angels and devils / Mark Pizzato. Leatherby Humanities Library; BL53 .P54 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786442611softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The literary monster on film : five nineteenth century British novels and their cinematic adaptations Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.M6 B56 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786442670softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The spacesuit film : a history, 1918-1969 / Gary Westfahl ; foreword by Michael Cassutt. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.S26 W48 2012   BOOKS c2012
0786443049softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Marvel Comics into film : essays on adaptations since the 1940s / edited by Matthew J. McEniry, Rober Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.C36 M375 2016   BOOKS 2016
0786443057 : Available      
      Pimps, wimps, studs, thugs and gentlemen : essays on media images of masculinity / edited by Elwood W Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.M34 P56 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786443057pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Pimps, wimps, studs, thugs and gentlemen : essays on media images of masculinity / edited by Elwood W Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.M34 P56 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786443081softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Hitchcock's objects as subjects : the significance of things on screen / Marc Raymond Strauss. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.H58 S83 2016   BOOKS 2016
0786443111pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Screening the mafia : masculinity, ethnicity and mobsters from the godfather to The Sopranos / George Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.G3 L37 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786443464softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The Italian puppet theater : a history / John McCormick ; with Alfonso Cipolla and Alessandro Napoli. Leatherby Humanities Library; PN1978.I8 M36 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786443502softcoveralkpaper : Library Use Only      
      Silent mystery and detective movies : a comprehensive filmography / Ken Wlaschin. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.75 .W58 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786443588softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The cinema of Preston Sturges : a critical study / Alessandro Pirolini. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.S78 P57 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786443723pbkalkpaper : Available      
      Disneyland and culture : essays on the parks and their influence / edited by Kathy Merlock Jackson an Leatherby Social Science Library; GV1853.3.C22 D57311 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786443995illustratedcasebindingalkpaper : Available      
      Mask makers and their craft : an illustrated worldwide study / Deborah Bell. Leatherby Humanities Library; PN2071.M37 B45 2010   BOOKS c2010
078644410xsoftcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Radio free Europe's "Crusade for freedom" : rallying Americans behind Cold War broadcasting, 1950-196 Leatherby Business Library; HE8697.45.E852 C866 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786444134softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Gender and sexuality in Star Trek : allegories of desire in the television series and films / David G Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1992.77.S73 G74 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786444142softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Robert Altman : critical essays / edited by Rick Armstrong. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1998.3.A48 R625 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786444320softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Coming soon : film trailers and the selling of Hollywood technology / Keith M. Johnston. Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.T68 J64 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786444673softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Hot from Harlem : twelve African American entertainers, 1890-1960 / Bill Reed. Leatherby Music Library; ML3556 .R36 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786444789softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Congregational hymns from the poetry of John Greenleaf Whittier : a comparative study of the sources Leatherby Humanities Library; BV330.W45 R64 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786444835softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The audio theater guide : vocal acting, writing, sound effects and directing for a listening audience Leatherby Humanities Library; PN2071.S65 M68 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786445327softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      In the peanut gallery with Mystery Science Theater 3000 : essays on film, fandom, technology, and the Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1992.77.M97 I6 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786445386softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Masculinity in Vietnam War narratives : a critical study of fiction, films and nonfiction writings / Leatherby Humanities Library; PS228.V5 B69 2009   BOOKS c2009
0786445432softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Nabokov's cinematic afterlife / Ewa Mazierska. Leatherby Humanities Library; PG3476.N3 Z7375 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786445580pbkacidfreepaper : Available      
      Network radio ratings, 1932-1953 : a history of prime time programs through the ratings of Nielsen, C Leatherby Business Library; HE8697.25.U6 R35 2012   BOOKS c2012
0786445645pbkalkpaper : Available      
      The American northern theater army in 1776 : the ruin and reconstruction of the continental force / D Leatherby Humanities Library; E231 .C83 2010   BOOKS c2010
0786445688softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      Feminist activism in academia : essays on personal, political and professional change / edited by Ell Leatherby Education Library; LC197 .F4715 2010   BOOKS 2010
0786446021softcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The iconic Obama, 2007-2009 : essays on media representations of the candidate and new president / ed Leatherby Humanities Library; E908.3 .I36 2012   BOOKS c2012
078644603xsoftcoveralkpaper : Available      
      The Buffyverse catalog : a complete guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel in print, film, telev Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1992.77.B84 M33 2011   BOOKS c2011
0786446218pbkalkpaper : Available      
      British science fiction film and television : critical essays / edited by Tobias Hochscherf and James Leatherby Film/TV Library; PN1995.9.S26 B655 2011   BOOKS c2011
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