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Xi meets representatives of PRC anniversary celebrations personnel
Xi extended heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings to the representatives, expressed appreciation of their achievements and encouraged them to work hard to make new contributions.
US House bill on HK spurs strong protest from Beijing
In the name of "human rights and democracy", some politicians in the US have attempted to undermine Hong Kong's role as an international finance, trade and shipping center.
HKSAR chief executive stresses "one country, two systems" in resolving impasse in Hong Kong
"Hong Kong will be able to get out of the impasse as long as the principle of "one country, two systems" is accurately implemented."
China makes remarkable achievements in the fight against poverty
In the past 6 years, China lifted more than 12 million people out of poverty on a yearly basis, that is to say, nearly 30 people were lifted out of poverty within one minute.
Deepening reforms helps China better implement tax and fee reduction
The action plan was released to further optimize the relationship between central and local governments, as well the relationship between responsibilities and financial powers.
CPC unites people, achieves success with socialist construction
During the 1950s, the Communist Party of China united people of every ethnicity, the entire Party and the whole country.
@China:After 40 Years, I Rewrite the Story with the Lp I Made
Qiu has worked in China Record Group for nearly 40 years as a plate-making engineer for vinyl records, and is in his late sixties.

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