2008 North Dakota Democratic caucuses

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North Dakota Democratic Caucus, 2008

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  Barack Obama.jpg Hillary Rodham Clinton-cropped.jpg
Candidate Barack Obama Hillary Clinton
Home state Illinois New York
Delegate count 8 5
Popular vote 11,625 6,948
Percentage 61.15% 36.55%

The 2008 North Dakota Democratic caucuses took place on February 5, 2008, one of the many Super Tuesday nominating contests held that day. Barack Obama won the caucuses, securing 8 out of 13 national delegates.[1]


The caucus was a party-run primary, with over 100 locations throughout the state, held between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm Central Standard Time. Eligible voters included all eligible voters who cast a ballot for a Democrat in the last general election or planned to in the next election, and would not cast a ballot in the Republican caucus. All voters were required to sign a statement of eligibility, but their status was not otherwise checked. All ballots were secret, and unlike most caucuses, North Dakota's featured no physical division into preference groups.[2]

Actual delegates were apportioned at Legislative District conventions held in February and March based on the results of the caucuses in each legislative district. At the state convention in April, delegates from the Legislative District conventions selected pledged delegates to the national convention. A minimum 15% threshold was required at the local caucus, legislative district, and state convention levels.[1] A unique feature of the North Dakota Dem-NPL process was that delegates were elected from Preference Caucuses which may or may not relate to candidates. National convention delegates were elected by an Education Caucus; a Labor Caucus; the Prairie Campaign for Economic Democracy; and Uncommitted, among others. Any group wishing to affiliate and could secure 15% of the state convention votes was allowed to elect two national convention delegates. The delegation was supposed to give collective good-faith consideration to the Feb. 5 presidential preference caucus, which elected no delegates to the district or state conventions.



Precinct caucus results[edit]

Caucus date: February 5, 2008

National pledged delegates determined: 0 (of 13)

Key: Withdrew
prior to contest
North Dakota Democratic presidential precinct caucuses, 2008[3]
Candidate Precinct delegates Percentage Estimated national delegates[4]
Barack Obama 11,625 61.15% 8
Hillary Clinton 6,948 36.55% 5
John Edwards 283 1.49% 0
Dennis Kucinich 72 0.38% 0
Mike Gravel 31 0.16% 0
Others 53 0.28% 0
Totals 19,012 100.00% 13

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