35th Rocket Division

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35th Missile Red orders Kutuzov second degree, and division of Alexander Nevsky
CountrySoviet Union (1961–1991)
Russia (1991–present)
BranchStrategic Rocket Forces
TypeRocket division
RoleControl of ICBMs
Part of33rd Guards Rocket Army
LocationSibirsky, Altai Krai
EngagementsWorld War II
DecorationsOrder of the Red Banner
Order of Kutuzov (2nd class)
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Col. Sergey Talatynnik

The 35th Order of the Red Banner Kutuzov second degree, and Alexander Nevsky Rocket Division (Russian: 35-я ракетная Краснознамённая, орденов Кутузова и Александра Невского дивизия) is a strategic rocket division under command of the 33rd Guards Rocket Army of the Strategic Rocket Forces of Russia based in the closed settlement (ZATO) of Sibirsky, near Barnaul, Altai Krai.


The unit was created in 1942 as 21st Light Artillery Brigade of the Reserve of the Supreme High Command in the settlement of Rublyovo (a part of Moscow). It was a part of the 6th Artillery Division 5th Army and consisted of 200th Red Banner Pommeranian, 1171st and 1314th artillery regiments. The brigade took part in World War II. The Brigade began its combat operations near the town of Zhizdra, passed through Mozyr, Kalinkovichi, Karachev, Gomel, Minsk, Warsaw, Berlin, and ended on the River Elbe. The brigade was awarded the Order of Red Banner, the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and the Order of Kutuzov of II degree.

After the end of World War II, the brigade was deployed to the city of Rathenow in the German Democratic Republic.

In July 1945, it received new weaponry and was renamed the 65th Heavy Mortar Shell Brigade.

At the end of June 1960, the brigade was relocated to the territory of North Caucasus Military District, where on its basis the 46th Missile Brigade was formed. In April 1961, the brigade has been transformed into the 35th missile division. By the continuity of the division, team awards were transferred.

On 18 April 1961 the division assumed ground alert.

On 22 December 1963, and in the course of a strategic doctrine, the Minister of Defense of the USSR "Thunderstorm", for the first time in the history of the strategic missile troops, ordered the launch of a missile from a fighting starting position (ICBM silo?).[clarification needed]

On 3-8 June 1968, and in the course of a strategic doctrine, Minister of Defense of the USSR "Spring Thunder" was in the first division.[clarification needed]

On 18 July 1974, a research exercise was carried out with military training and the launch of two missiles.

In 1982, the division was relocated to its present location in Altai Krai.

From 1984 to 1989, the division was commanded by Colonel-General Nikolay Solovtsov, who from 2001 - 2009 was the Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Rocket Forces.

In November 1991, the division was re-equipped with RS-12M "Topol" intercontinental ballistic missiles, to a total of 36. The rearmament was completed in December 1994.[1]

As of 2013, the division commander was Colonel Sergey Andreyevich Talatynnik.


Term start Term end Rank Name
30 May 1960 22 July 1961 Colonel Grigory Aleksandrovich Ivanov
23 July 1961 29 October 1966 Major General Vladimir Nikodimovich Shevtsov
29 October 1966 2 June 1971 Major General Nikolay Ivanovich Dryakhlykh
2 June 1971 20 May 1975 Major General Vladimir Grigoryevich Gladun
20 May 1975 28 October 1977 Major General Andrey Ivanovich Titarenko
2 September 1977 31 December 1980 Colonel Vladimir Alekseyevich Fyodorov
31 December 1980 7 March 1982 Colonel General Vladimir Alekseyevich Mikhtyuk
March 1982 December 1984 Colonel Yevgeny Sergeyevich Potapov
December 1984 January 1989 Colonel General Nikolay Solovtsov
January 1989 September 1992 Colonel Vladimir Grigoryevich Vorobyev
September 1992 September 1995 Major General Nikolay Ivanovich Kalinichenko
September 1995 December 1998 Major General Vladimir Petrovich Rozovenko
January 1998 October 2002 Major General Konstantin Vladichevich Svidersky
December 2002 October 2005 Major General Aleksandr Arkadyevich Baranov
October 2005 July 2009 Major General Sergey Sergeyevich Matveyev
October 2009 May 2013 Major General Roman Olegovich Nogin
May 2013 incumbent Colonel Sergey Andreyevich Talatynnik