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A3054 shield

Route information
Length18 mi (29 km)
Major junctions
East endRyde
 A3055 A3055 road
A3021 A3021 road
A3020 A3020 road
A3055 A3055 road
West endTotland
Road network

The A3054 is an A-Class Road on the Isle of Wight in Southern England. It forms the Northern half of the circular around-the-Island A-class loop, the southern half being the A3055. It connects Newport and Ryde, the two largest towns on the Island, as well as continuing to West Wight.

Because of the road's relatively short length, there are no confirmatory signs with distances, although on a few direction signs at junctions there are distances to the next town. The final destination of the road (Freshwater/Totland or Ryde), in common with most UK roads, is not always signed along the whole length of the route.

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Coordinates: 50°42′22″N 1°19′13″W / 50.7060°N 1.3203°W / 50.7060; -1.3203