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Alternative namesزلابية (zlabieh)
Place of originLevant
Region or stateSyria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine
Variationsdough, sugar syrup or honey, cinnamon

Awameh (Arabic: عوامة‎) which is Arabic for “Floater”, is a kind of fried-dough Levantine pastry similar to doughnut holes, made of deep fried dough, soaked in sugar syrup or honey and cinnamon, and sometimes sprinkled with sesame. In the Middle East, they are also known as ‘zlabieh’ (زلابية).normally Jalebi has a flower shape, and different flavors than Awameh.[according to whom?] They are associated with Christmas and the "circumcision of Christ", or baptism, called Ghtas.[1] It is also referred to as Awwameh.[2]

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