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Buffalo Public Schools
712 City Hall, Buffalo, New York, United States
Coordinates42°53′11.73″N 78°52′45.49″W / 42.8865917°N 78.8793028°W / 42.8865917; -78.8793028Coordinates: 42°53′11.73″N 78°52′45.49″W / 42.8865917°N 78.8793028°W / 42.8865917; -78.8793028
District information
Motto"Putting children & families first to ensure high academic achievement for all."
GradesPre-K-12 and Adult education
SuperintendentKriner Cash

High School:18

Adult Ed:2
Students and staff
Teachers2860.6 (FTE)[2]
Staff2142.7 (FTE)[2]
Student-teacher ratio12.8:1[2]
Other information

Buffalo Public Schools serves approximately 34,000 students in Buffalo, New York, the second largest city in the state of New York. It is located in Erie County of western New York and operates nearly 70 facilities.[3]


The Buffalo Public School System was started in 1838, 13 years after the completion of the Erie Canal and only 6 years after the 1832 incorporation of the City of Buffalo. Buffalo was the first city in the state of New York to have a free public education system supported by local taxes. Although New York City had a free public education system prior to 1838, NYC obtained additional funding through private donations and sources.[4] Buffalo Public Schools' first Superintendent of Schools, Oliver Gray Steele (1805–1879), was a prominent and successful business man. Originally from Connecticut, Steele relocated to Buffalo in 1827. He held three different terms as Superintendent between 1838 and 1852, during which twelve new elementary facilities were built, bringing the total to 15 elementary buildings. A building for a dedicated high school was also purchased during this time. Steele is credited as being the "Father of the Public Schools of Buffalo" as his reorganization of the schools in Buffalo enabled children to have access to a free public education.[4] Over 35 people have held the position of Superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools since that time.


Board of Education[edit]

The Board of Education of the Buffalo City School District is the policy-making body for the Buffalo Public Schools,[5] as provided by the Constitution of the State of New York, and is under the general supervision of the New York State Education Department.[6] The board consists of 9 members elected by popular vote of District residents.

Board Members[edit]

  • Sharon Belton-Cottman – President/Ferry District Representative
  • Jennifer Mecozzi – Vice President of Executive Affairs/West District Representative
  • Ann Rivera – Vice President of Student Achievement/Member-at-Large
  • Kathy Evans-Brown–Member-At-Large
  • Terrance Heard – Member-at-Large
  • Hope Jay – North District Representative
  • Louis Petrucci – Park District Representative
  • Lawrence Scott – Member-at-Large
  • Paulette Woods – Central District Representative
  • Mariya Sami – Student Representative


Elementary schools[edit]

Except where noted, all schools serve Grades PreK-8

List of Primary Schools
P.S. Name Neighborhood Principal Assistant Principal(s) Enrolled[7] Specialty Programs
3 D'Youville Porter Campus School Front Park Freddy Barrera Kristy Giardina
Fred Sales
712 Lower West Side community school
6 Buffalo Elementary School of Technology Willert Park Karen Piotrowski Wendy Emerling
Todd Strange
17 Early Childhood Center 17 Cold Springs Marianna Cecchini Amber Berry 432 Houses Grades PreK-4
18 Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Excellence Front Park Aakta Patel Kara Barrett
Tracy Cotter
19 Native American Magnet School Grant Ferry Michael Suwala Rashida Walls
Kate Wendling
27 Hillery Park Elementary School Seneca Vincent Vanderlip Andrea Lee
Samantha Nasca
30 Frank A. Sedita Academy Front Park Rafael Perez Wilfredo Garcia
Sarah Gunter
900 West Side community school
31 Harriet Ross Tubman School Emslie Heather English Julie Walsh
Ben Willis [acting]
32 Bennett Park Montessori Willert Park Jennifer Stockmeyer Peter Gottfried
Julie Kuebler
867 Montessori school ages 3 to Grade 8
33 Bilingual Center First Ward Hadassa Bachellor Arayoan Tylec [acting] 555 Designated for bilingual students
37 Marva J. Daniel Futures Preparatory School Medical Park Serena Restivo Carolyn Flattery
Sam Reynolds
554 Fruit Belt neighborhood community school
43 Lovejoy Discovery School Lovejoy Orniece Hill Lisa Lovallo-Coyle
Patricia Lattuca
718 Lovejoy community school
45 International School Grant Ferry Lynn Piccirillo Joel Blasdell
Jennifer English
Elaine Hayes
1212 Primarily serves ENL/refugee students
48 School 48 Medical Park Miguel Medina Janet Longo 404 Annex to School 81 (PK-3)
50 North Park Campus North Park Carla Graves 78 North Park Community School (PK-1)
66 Rose Schneider 120 North Park Middle Academy (7-8)
53 Community School Kingsley Denisca Thompson Shannon Moreland 512
54 Dr. George E. Blackman School of Excellence Parkside Greg Johnson Dawne McNeal 526 Houses PK-4
59 Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet MLK Park Mirlene Dere Lynn Benaglio
Derek Swader
509 Science-themed East Side community school (3-8)
59A Annex 59 Polonia Mark Shoemaker 312 Annex to School 59 (PK-2)
61 Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction Leroy Parette Walker Unseld Robinson 323 Houses PK-4
64 Frederick Law Olmsted School Park Meadow Marquita Bryant Josh Freeburg 580 Gifted & Talented/Language Immersion programs (PK-4)
65 Roosevelt Early Childhood Center Riverside Michelle Barnes Amy Chavez 407 Houses PK-4
67 Discovery School South Abbott Karen Murray John Paul Zeis 652 Hands-On/Inquiry Learning Focus
69 Houghton Academy Kaisertown Elaine Vandi Kevin Garcia 572
72 Lorraine Elementary School Abbott McKinley Jeff Banks Jenna Black
Sarah Vittoria
852 Medical Careers Exploratory School
74 Hamlin Park Claude & Ouida Clapp Academy Hamlin Park Patrick Cook Cameron Hall 533 Hamlin Park neighborhood community school
76 Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy Columbus Kathy Foy Maria Rosario-Cala
Elizabeth Kuras
Matthew Pegg
794 Lower West Side community school for bilingual students
79 William J. Grabiarz School of Excellence Military Marlon Lee Michael Ryndak
Kim Nixon-Williams
80 Highgate Heights School Kensington Gayle Irving-White Marielle Foster
Gregelle Fulcher
467 University district community school
81 School 81 North Park Nick Klaich Denise Cobbs
Heather Maier [interim]
82 Early Childhood Center 82 Kenfield Tracie-Michele Lewis Kristin Mazur 399 Houses PK-4
89 Dr. Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence Grider Natasha Hendricks Nicole Smith
LeeQuisha Volious
Carlos Wallace
727 East side community school
92 B.U.I.L.D. Community School MLK Park Tanika Shedrick Elizabeth Dirr
Karen Gantz
402 East Side community school
93 Southside Elementary School Seneca Patricia Dixon Marcus Anderson
Katie Goldman
Ashley Nsengiyumva
1144 South Buffalo community school
94 West Hertel Academy Military Cecelie Owens Bradley Barringer
Elaine Nieman
829 Black Rock/Riverside community school
95 Waterfront Elementary School Columbus Terence Jenkins Nicole Dias
Catherine Polina
97 Harvey Austin School Emerson Demario Strickland Cassandra Gasbarrini
Ashanti Haynes
Melissa Jasulavich
621 East Side community school
99 Stanley Makowski Early Childhood Center Kingsley Dawn DiNatale Jennifer Mohorter
Kathleen Sciolino
835 IB and cultural infusion programs (PK-4)

Secondary Schools[edit]

Except where noted, all schools serve Grades 9-12

List of Secondary Schools
P.S. School Name Neighborhood Principal Assistant Principal(s) Enrolled[8] Specialty Programs
156 Frederick Law Olmsted School Kenfield Mike Gruber Catherine Dulak
Jim Fredo
Leslie Potempa
874 Gifted & talented middle/high school program (5-12)
192 Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Masten Park Jody Covington Rebecca Ryan
Jon Welka
742 Magnet school for art/performance students (5-12)
195 City Honors School Medical Park Bill Kresse Tandy Hamilton
Angela Hannah
Carla McDow
1088 School for high-performing students with IB program and AP classes (5-12)
196 Math, Science, Technology Preparatory School Medical Park Beth Brown Brittany Mecca [acting] 222 Annex to PS 197 housed at School 48 (5-8)
197 Grider Kevin Eberle Tatiana Merrick
Danielle Womack
512 Environmental and Health Science focus (9-12)
198 The International Preparatory School Front Park Ella Dunne Marty Buchnowski
Amy Chase
Patrick Doyle
Martin Lyonga
878 West Side community school with CTE programs in business and architecture (8-12)
206 South Park High School Triangle Theresa Schuta Molly Forero
Joshua Miller
Michael Morris
Katey Thomas
942 South Buffalo community school with CTE programs in Solar Technology and Horticulture
207 Lafayette International High School Forest John Starkey Jen Springer 330 West Side community school with ENL programs for immigrant and refugee students
208 Riverside Academy Riverside David Hills Colleen Cunningham 218 Riverside community school with CTE programs in aquaculture and tourism (9-11)
212 Leonardo da Vinci High School Front Park Greg Lodinsky Lizzy Crispin 392 Students take classes on campus from D'Youville College
301 Burgard Vocational High School Leroy Charlene Watson Andrew Drouin
Eric Johnson
Tracey Travis
586 CTE programs in Automotive/Machine Tool Technology and Welding in partnership with Alfred State College
302 Emerson School of Hospitality Downtown Debbie Stokes Aarin Pellitieri 494 Students learn hospitality/culinary skills with an on-site restaurant
304 Hutchinson Central Technical High School Columbus Gabriella Morquecho Pedro Estrada
Dennis Lesniak
Greg Stefanone
Dan Zack
1175 Technology prep school with concentrations in Biochemistry and Engineering
305 McKinley Vocational High School Black Rock Marck Abraham [interim] Carmelita Burgin
Giovanna Cotto
Michael House
John Pilato
1068 CTE programs in Aquatic ecology and applied trades (Carpentry, Electricity, HVAC, Printing and Plumbing)
309 East Community High School MLK Park Traci Cofield Janice Bowden
Moustafa Khalil
290 CTE programs in Law Enforcement and Public Safety
335 Middle Early College High School Starin Central Susan Doyle David Potter 327 Students take 5 years of high school via Erie Community College
355 Buffalo School of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Triangle Katie Schuta Daniel Bass 385 Annex to Emerson School of Hospitality
363 Bennett Community High School Campus Starin Central Carlos Alvarez Jamie Barden 263 Bennett School of Innovative Technology - CTE programs in Computer Science
366 Angela Cullen 130 Research Laboratory High School - Bioinformatics/Life Science research

Adult/Alternative Programs[edit]

List of Adult/Alternative Programs
P.S. School Name Neighborhood Principal Assistant Principal Enrolled[8] Specialty Programming
42 Occupational Training Center Leroy Tom Vitale 83 Vocational training for students with disabilities until Age 21
84 Health Care Center for Children Grider Jennifer Kapsiak Michelle Reczek 220 Self-contained setting for students with medical challenges (K-21)
131 The Academy School @ 4 First Ward Casey Young-Welch Naomi Cerre
Jamie St. John
302 Alternative education for suspended students (7-12)
Leadership Transition Education Program Bert Stevenson Alternative education for adjudicated high school students (9-12)
353 Newcomer Academy @ Lafayette Forest Teena Jones Elena Wozniak 280 Credit recovery for international students
357 Pathways Academy Various Valarie Kent Maria Conrad 194 Online credit recovery for undercredited students at multiple BPS sites

Defunct schools[edit]

List of Defunct Schools
P.S. School Name Neighborhood Low Grade High Grade Year Closed Building Status
1 School 1 Lakeview K 8 1976 Demolished
2 School 2 Downtown K 8 1961 Demolished
4 Harbor Heights Elementary School First Ward K 8 2002 Houses Academy Programs
5 School 5 Kaisertown K 8 1955 Demolished
7 School 7 Babcock K 8 1950 Demolished
8 Follow Through Urban Learning Lab School Masten Park K 8 2004 Vacant
9 School 9 Schiller Park K 8 1980 Demolished
10 School 10 Downtown K 8 1955 Demolished
11 Poplar Academy Schiller Park K 4 2009 Buffalo Academy of Science Middle School
12 Harriet Ross Tubman Early Childhood Center Willert Park K 4 2005 House Office of Special Education
13 School 13 Downtown K 12 2003 Private Apartments/Office Space
14 School 14 Downtown K 8 1930s Demolished
15 School 15 Downtown K 8 1965 Demolished
16 School 16 Bryant K 8 1976 Private Apartments
20 School 20 Black Rock K 8 1935 Demolished
21 School 21 North Park K 8 1980 Demolished
22 School 22 Central Park K 8 1980 Private Apartments
23 School 23 Genesee Moselle K 8 1980 Demolished
24 School 24 Broadway-Fillmore K 8 2002 Under Redevelopment (apartments) [9]
25 School 25 Babcock K 8 1949 Demolished
26 School 26 Babcock K 8 1982 Demolished
28 Triangle Academy Triangle K 8 1949 Houses Emerson School of Hospitality Annex
29 School 29 South Park K 8 1980 Vacant
30 School 30 Elmwood Village K 8 1976 Demolished
34 School 34 First Ward K 8 1976 Demolished
35 School 35 South Ellicott K 8 1933 Demolished
36 Days Park Early Childhood Center Allentown PreK 4 2009 Houses Elmwood Village Charter School
39 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Institute Medical Park PreK 8 2016 Houses School 48 and MST Prep Annex
40 School 40 Babcock PreK 6 2006 Houses Buffalo Academy of Science Elementary School
41 School 41 Johnson PreK 8 1976 Demolished
42 School 42 Black Rock PreK 8 1979 Community Center/Apartments
44 Lincoln Academy Lovejoy K 8 2005 Vacant
47 School 47 Willert Park PreK 8 1978 Demolished
48 School 48 Masten Park K 8 1979 Demolished
49 School 49 Front Park K 8 1980 Community Services building
50 School 50 Emslie Special Education 1975 Demolished
51 Black Rock Academy Black Rock PreK 8 2005 Vacant
52 School 52 Forest K 8 1980 Demolished
55 School 55 Broadway-Fillmore K 8 1955 Demolished
56 School 56 Albright PreK 8 2007 Under reconstruction (apartments & office space) [10]
57 Broadway Village Elementary School Broadway-Fillmore PreK 6 2003 Under reconstruction (Lt. Matt Urban Center) [11]
58 School 58 Broadway-Fillmore K 8 1961 Demolished
59 School 59 MLK Park K 8 1976 Demolished
60 School 60 Riverside PreK 4 2002 Renovation
62 School 62 MLK Park K 8 1980 Houses Crucial Human Services
63 School 63 LaSalle PreK 8 2007 Under reconstruction (apartments) [12]
70 Indian Park Academy Cazenovia Park K 8 2002 Houses Western New York Maritime Charter Middle School
71 WEB Early Childhood Center Schiller Park PreK 4 2007 Houses King Center Charter School
73 School 73 Columbus K 8 1970 Demolished
75 School 75 Emslie K 8 1979 Vacant
77 School 77 Front Park PreK 4 2006 Renovation being pursued (low-income apartments) [13]
78 School 78 LaSalle PreK 8 2008 Vacant
79 School 79 Military K 8 1976 Northwest Community Center
83 School 83 University Heights K 4 1976 Houses Anderson Gallery for University at Buffalo
85 School 85 Kensington K 4 1976 Houses Charter School for Inquiry
86 St. Lawrence Academy Starin Central PreK 4 2004 Houses BPS' Adult Learning Program
87 School 87 Willert Park 5 12 2007 Houses Office of Curriculum & Instruction
88 School 88 North Park K 4 1979 North Buffalo Community Center
93 School 93 Masten Park K 4 1970's Community Action Organization
96 Campus West School Black Rock PreK 8 2011 Used by Buffalo State College
142 Fulton Academic Complex Perry K 8 1982 Houses Schofield Adult Day Healthcare Center
171 WEB Middle School Schiller Park 5 8 2006 Vacant
192 Buffalo Traditional School Masten Park 5 12 2005 Houses Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts
200 Bennett High School Starin Central 9 12 2017 Houses Bennett Campus
202 Grover Cleveland High School Front Park 9 12 2011 Houses The International Preparatory School
203 Kensington High School Kenfield 9 12 2003 Houses Frederick Law Olmsted High School
204 Lafayette High School Forest 9 12 2018 Houses Lafayette Community School Campus
205 Riverside Institute of Technology Riverside 9 12 2019 Houses Riverside Academy
302 Emerson Vocational High School Emerson 9 12 2002 Houses Harvey Austin School
306 Seneca Vocational High School Grider 9 12 2003 Houses Math Science Technology Campus
307 East High School MLK Park 9 12 2018 Houses East Community School Campus
307 Buffalo Vocational Technical Center MLK Park 9 12 2003 Houses East Campus


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