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Chahar Burjak District is a district of Nimruz Province in Afghanistan. At just under 22,000 square kilometers in area, it is the largest district in Afghanistan. The population of Chahar Burjak was about 8,080 as of 2004, which includes Baloch (98%), Pashtuns (1%), Tajiks (1%) .[1]

Before the coming of the Russians to Afghanistan, Char Burjak was ruled by the Sanjranis and it was called Sanjranis state (the ruler was sardar Mohammad Alam khan Sanjrani). Sardar sanjrani Qilla is still there in Char Burjak.

Notable people[edit]

  • Sardar Mohammad Alam khan , sanjrani chief of charburjak ( major land owner of district )
  • Sardar Mohammad Alam Khan Sanjrani(The Biggest land owner of district)
  • Sardar Ghulam Dastageer Khan Sanjrani,son of (Sardar Mohammed Alam Khan Sanjrani )Sardar of Chahar Burjak and Sanjrani Tribe.
  • Abdul Karim Brahui, governor of Nimroz Province and national Minister (born Pedehgee, Chahar Burjak District)

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Coordinates: 30°16′11″N 62°09′06″E / 30.2696°N 62.1517°E / 30.2696; 62.1517