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Chili mac prepared with macaroni noodles, chili, cheese, onion and green onion

Chili mac is a dish prepared using chili and macaroni as primary ingredients, which is often topped or intermingled with cheese.[1][2][3][4] Some versions are made using prepared or homemade macaroni and cheese.[5][6] It is a common dish in the Midwestern United States, and is also popular in other areas of the United States.[1]

Several variations of the dish exist, and prepared canned and boxed versions also exist. It can be a relatively inexpensive dish to prepare,[7] and has been described as a comfort food.[8][9]

Chili mac has been a staple dish at American military dining facilities for years.[10] It was introduced into the Meal, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) field ration menu in 1995 and is one of only three of the twelve MRE meals offered in 1995 that has remained on the MRE menu to date.[11] A variation called "taco chili mac" has been consumed by NASA astronauts in space.[12] It is processed by NASA as a freeze-dried product.[12]

Hamburger Helper brand purveys a prepared boxed version named "Chili Macaroni".[13]


Chili mac prepared using macaroni and cheese as an ingredient

Several preparation methods exist. Basic versions may be prepared using chopped meat, tomato, spices, and elbow macaroni.[7] Another basic preparation method incorporates boxed, prepared macaroni and cheese and canned chili. Some recipes incorporate all of the ingredients together, while others are prepared with the ingredients separately layered.[1][14] Those that use cheese may use grated cheese atop the dish,[15] while others mix the cheese throughout the dish. Sometimes, onions or beans are added.[1] Some diners in St. Louis, Missouri serve a version called "chili mac a la mode", in which the dish is served topped with fried eggs.[4][1]

The dish may be prepared on a range top in a skillet, in a slow cooker,[16] or baked as a casserole.[6] Vegetarian and vegan versions of the dish are sometimes prepared.[16][17][18]

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