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City Hospital
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
City Hospital, Birmingham - 05.JPG
The Hospital's 'Birmingham Treatment Centre', in September 2013
City Hospital, Birmingham is located in West Midlands county
City Hospital, Birmingham
Shown in West Midlands
LocationWinson Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates52°29′17″N 1°55′53″W / 52.48806°N 1.93139°W / 52.48806; -1.93139Coordinates: 52°29′17″N 1°55′53″W / 52.48806°N 1.93139°W / 52.48806; -1.93139
Care systemPublic NHS
Hospital typeDistrict General
Affiliated university
Emergency departmentYes Accident & Emergency
Founded1887 (1887)
ListsHospitals in England

City Hospital (formerly Dudley Road Hospital, and still commonly referred to as such) is a major hospital located in Birmingham, England, operated by the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust. It provides an extensive range of general and specialist hospital services. It is located in the Winson Green area of the west of the city. The trust is currently under the leadership of chair Richard Samuda and chief executive Toby Lewis.


The hospital was first built in 1889 as an extension to the Birmingham Union Workhouse (whose entrance building, though derelict, survived until September 2017).[1] It originally comprised a single corridor stretching for a quarter of a mile with nine Nightingale ward blocks radiating from it along its length. The original design was by an architect called W. H. Ward and was designed around a configuration recommended by Florence Nightingale.[2]

It was originally known as the Birmingham Union Infirmary, later Dudley Road Infirmary, before becoming Dudley Road Hospital. One of its notable surgeons, Hamilton Bailey, took the photos for the first edition of his famous textbook while at Dudley Road.[3]

The Birmingham Treatment Centre opened on the City Hospital site in November 2005. This diagnosis and treatment centre replaces the existing Outpatient Department.[4]

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