Fabens Port of Entry

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Fabens Port of Entry
Fabens port of entry.jpg
Fabens, Texas Port of Entry, 1998
CountryUnited States
Location18051 Island Guadalupe, Fabens, Texas 79838
Coordinates31°25′55″N 106°08′32″W / 31.431895°N 106.142102°W / 31.431895; -106.142102Coordinates: 31°25′55″N 106°08′32″W / 31.431895°N 106.142102°W / 31.431895; -106.142102
Phone(915) 764-2359
Hours6:00 AM-10:00 PM
Exit PortCaseta
2011 Cars301,463
2011 Trucks0
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The Fabens Port of Entry was a port of entry at the Mexico–United States border, in the town of Fabens, Texas.[1] It closed on November 17, 2014, and traffic was diverted to the nearby Tornillo Port of Entry. This facility was located at the Fabens–Caseta International Bridge, after that two-lane bridge was built by the International Boundary and Water Commission in 1938.[2][3]

Fabens, Texas old border inspection station, as seen in 2001

The port of Fabens was established by Executive Order 4869 on May 1, 1928,[4] ten years prior to the construction of the first bridge, so it is likely there was once a ferry operation at this location. The original port facility, built in 1938, was used as recently as the mid-1990s, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) moved its operations to temporary buildings a short distance north of the bridge.


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