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This is a list of flags which have been, or are still today, used on the territory of North Macedonia or by ethnic Macedonians.

North Macedonia[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of North Macedonia.svg 1995–present Flag of North Macedonia (civil, state, and war flag) A golden-yellow sun with eight rays extending to the edges of the red field.

Historical flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Macedonia (1992–1995).svg 1992–1995 Former Flag of the Republic of Macedonia A red flag with the yellow Vergina Sun in the middle.On 17 June 2018, North Macedonia and Greece signed the Prespa Agreement, which stipulates the removal of the Vergina Sun from public use in North Macedonia.
Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg 1947–1991 Flag of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Three equal horizontal fields, blue on the top, white in the middle and red on the bottom, Red star in the center.
Flag of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (1946–1991).svg 1946–1991 Flag of the People's Republic of Macedonia (1946–1963) and Socialist Republic of Macedonia (1963–1991) A red flag with a gold-edged red star in the canton.
Flag of Macedonia (1944–1946).svg 1944–1946 Flag of Democratic Federal Macedonia A red flag with a so-called "fat" gold-edged red star in the middle of the flag.
Flag of Yugoslavia (1943–1946).svg 1941–1945 Flag of Partisan movement Three equal horizontal fields, blue on the top, white in the middle and red on the bottom, Red star in the white field.
Flag of the Kruševo Republic.svg 2.8.1903 – 12.8.1903 Flag of the Republic of Kruševo[a] A plain red flag. In the middle is a yellow palm crown, decorated with two shaking hands - a symbol of the people's unity, and over there is a flaming torch. Around these symbols is the slogan "Svoboda ili smart" and another inscription "Banner of the Krushevo cheta".
Flag of IMRO.svg 1920s–present [3][4] Historical flag of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) used by political parties in Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia until now.[5][6] Horizontal bicolor of red and black

Municipal flags[edit]

Note: This list is incomplete.
Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Aerodrom Municipality, 2012-present.svg 2012–present Aerodrom Municipality
Flag of Aracinovo Municipality.svg ? – Present Aračinovo Municipality A red flag with the coat of arms in the middle and two thin horizontal stripes.
Flag of Berovo Municipality.svg ? – Present Berovo Municipality A light (sky) blue flag with red insignia in the middle.
FlagofBitola.png Bitola Municipality The municipal arms on a white background.
Flag of Bogdanci Municipality.svg ? – Present Bogdanci Municipality A blue and red flag (two blue & two red cantons), with the Municipality coat-of-arms in the middle.
Flag of Bogovinje Municipality.svg 1996–present Bogovinje Municipality
Flag of Bosilovo Municipality.svg 1996–present Bosilovo Municipality
Brvenica flag.gif Brvenica Municipality
Centar Municipality
Flag of Čair Municipality.svg Čair Municipality
Flag of Čaška Municipality.svg Čaška Municipality
Flag of Češinovo-Obleševo Municipality.svg Municipality of Češinovo-Obleševo
Flag of Centar Župa Municipality.svg Centar Župa Municipality
Čučer Sandevo zname.jpg Municipality of Čučer-Sandevo
Debar Municipality
Flag of Debarca Municipality.svg Debarca Municipality
Flag of Delčevo Municipality.svg Municipality of Delčevo
Zname DH.jpg Demir Hisar Municipality
Flag of Demir Kapija Municipality.svg Demir Kapija Municipality
Flag of Dojran Municipality.svg Dojran Municipality
Flag of Dolneni Municipality.svg Dolneni Municipality
Gevgelija.png ?-Present Gevgelija Municipality A flag with a blue bar over a white bar & the coat-of-arms of the Municipality near the mast of the flag.
Flag of Gostivar Municipality.svg Gostivar Municipality
Gradsko Municipality
Flag of Ilinden.svg 1996–Present Ilinden Municipality A red vertical flag with a 12-pointed sun and the letter "I" in Cyrillic (И).
Flag of Jegunovce Municipality.svg Jegunovce Municipality
Flag of Karbinci Municipality, North Macedonia.svg Karbinci Municipality
Flag of Kavadarci Municipality.svg Kavadarci Municipality
Flag of Kisela Voda Municipality.svg Kisela Voda Municipality
Kičevo Municipality
Flag of Kocani Municipality.svg Municipality of Kočani
Flag of Konče Municipality.svg Konče Municipality
Flag of Kratovo.png Kratovo Municipality
Flag of Kriva Palanka Municipality.PNG Kriva Palanka Municipality
Flag of Karpoš Municipality.svg Karpoš Municipality
Flag of Krivogaštani Municipality.svg Municipality of Krivogaštani
Flag of Kruševo Municipality.svg Municipality of Kruševo
Flag of Kumanovo Municipality.svg 2002–Present Kumanovo Municipality
Flag of Lipkovo Municipality.svg Lipkovo Municipality
Flag of Lozovo Municipality.svg Lozovo Municipality
Makedonska kamenica flag.gif ?-Present Makedonska Kamenica Municipality
Flag of Makedonski Brod Municipality.svg Makedonski Brod Municipality
Flag of Mavrovo and Rostuša Municipality.svg Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuša
Flag of Mogila Municipality.svg Mogila Municipality
Flag of Negotino Municipality.svg Negotino Municipality
Flag of Novaci Municipality.svg Novaci Municipality
Novo Selo Municipality
2014– Present Ohrid Municipality
Flag of Pehčevo Municipality.svg Municipality of Pehčevo
Flag of Petrovec Municipality.svg Petrovec Municipality
Flag of Plasnica Municipality.svg Plasnica Municipality
Prilepsko zname.png ? – Present Prilep Municipality A dark blue background with the municipal coat of arms, outlined in white, in the middle.
Municipality of Probištip
Sveti Nikole Municipality
Flag of Rankovce Municipality.png Rankovce Municipality
Flag of Resen Municipality.svg Resen (municipality)
Flag of Rosoman Municipality.svg Rosoman Municipality
Flag of Sopište Municipality.jpg Municipality of Sopište
Flag of Staro Nagoričane.svg Municipality of Staro Nagoričane
Flag of Štip Municipality.svg Municipality of Štip
Flag of Struga Municipality.svg ?-Present Struga Municipality A blue vertical flag with the coat of arms in the middle.
Flag of Strumica Municipality.svg ?-Present Strumica Municipality A white vertical flag with the coat of arms and a blue-yellow border.
Municipality of Studeničani
Radoviš Municipality
Flag of Tearce Municipality.svg Tearce Municipality
Flag of Tetovo Municipality.svg ?-Present Tetovo Municipality A red, black and yellow tricolor flag, the yellow one being the thickest.
Flag of Valandovo Municipality.svg Valandovo Municipality
Flag of Vasilevo Municipality.svg Vasilevo Municipality
Flag of Veles Municipality.svg ?-Present Veles Municipality
Flag of Vevchani Municipality.png ?-Present Vevchani Municipality
Flag of Vinica Municipality.svg ?-Present Vinica Municipality A red and blue bicolor flag with outline of Vinica Fortress and an icon.
Flag of Vrapčište Municipality.svg Municipality of Vrapčište
Flag of Zelenikovo Municipality.svg Zelenikovo Municipality
Flag of Želino Municipality.svg 1996–present Municipality of Želino
Flag of Zrnovci Municipality.svg Zrnovci Municipality
Flag of Šuto Orizari Municipality.svg Šuto Orizari Municipality

Government flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Logo na MNR.svg - present Flag of Ministry Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia
Logo na Ministerstvo za kultura.svg - present Flag of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia
MacedonianArmyLogo.svg 1992–present Flag of the Army of Republic of Macedonia
1992-2013 Flag of Ministry of Internal Affairs A blue flag with the emblem in the middle
1992–present Flag of Uniformed members of MIA A blue flag with the emblem in the middle
-present Flag of Special Police Force - Tiger
- present Flag of Border Police of Republic of Macedonia A green flag with the emblem in the middle
- present Flag of Customs of Macedonia


Flag Date Use Description
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje
Bitola.uni.jpg St. Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola
University of Information Science and Technology "St. Paul The Apostle"
Goce Delčev University of Štip
State University of Tetovo
South East European University
FON University
Euro College Kumanovo

Military flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the First Macedonian Brigade.svg 1944 Flag of the First Macedonian Brigade (II WW) red flag and the lower half of the flag the unit's name is written in yellow capital Cyrillic letters
2009–present Flag of 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade red flag with the coat of arms of Macedonia on the upper left and the unit's badge on upper right and the lower half of the flag the unit's name is written in yellow capital Cyrillic letters
Flag of Macedonian Land Forces.gif 1999–present Flag of Macedonian Land Forces A red background with unit badge at right, and Macedonia coat of arms at left. At bottom is the Macedonian inscription: "The force is with us"
1992–present Flag of Military Police Battalion green flag with the unit's badge in the middle
1990s-present Flag of Combat Helicopter Squadron blue flag with the unit's badge in the middle

Religious flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
-present Flag of Macedonian Orthodox Church - Ohrid Archbishopric red flag with the COA of MOC-OA in the middle
Coat of arms of MPC.png Old flag of Macedonian Orthodox Church
AN Veles.png -present
-present Bigorski Monastery
-present Christian Adventist Church
-present Christian Baptist Church-Radosna Vest
-present Maran-Ata
-present Christian Baptist Church-Bozhji Glas
-present Islamic Religious Community of Macedonia
-present Flag of Islamic Religious Community of Macedonia green flag with the crescent and the star in the middle

Political Parties flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
-present Flag of Liberal-Democrat Party of Macedonia
New Social Democratic Party
Dostoinstvo-flag.png Dostoinstvo
-present Flag of New Social-Democrat Party of Macedonia
Socialist Party of Macedonia
Democratic Renewal of Macedonia
-present Flag of People's Movement for Macedonia
-present Flag of Party of United Democrats of Macedonia
BDI logo.jpg Logo of BDI
Flag of the Albanian Democratic Party.jpg Albanian Democratic Party
Democratic Party of Turks
-present Flag of Political Party of Macedonians in Albania Macedonian flag from 1992 with the Cyrillic yellow letters of the name of the political party
1936-1941 Flag of MANAPO
League of Communists of Yugoslavia Flag mk.svg 1944-1990 League of Communists of Yugoslavia Flag on Macedonian

Macedonian diaspora flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of the Macedonians in Serbia.svg -present Flag of the Macedonians in Serbia
-present Flag of Macedonians in Bulgaria The UMO Ilinden–Pirin party flag in Bulgaria.
-present Flag of Macedonians in Greece The Rainbow Party flag in Greece.
-present Flag of Macedonians in Albania
-present Flag of Macedonians in United States
MacedoniaArgentina.jpg -present Flag of Macedonians in Argentine
-present Macedonian Australian Community Organisation
-present Flag of Macedonians in Uruguay
-present Macedonian Alliance Sweden
-present United Macedonians (from Canada)


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Macedonia - ethnic.svg 1990s –1990s Ethnic Macedonian flag A red flag with the lion from the 1741 coat of arms of the geographical region of Macedonia
-present Neo Macedonian Flag Flag for 'Greece is Macedonia' as a response to the Blue Sun of Vergina Flag. Used on football matches.
-present Neo Macedonian Flag (2) Similar to the above flag. This flag is used on football matches.
2015 Flag of 2015 Opposition Protests in Macedonia
Macedonian 4 in 1 flag

Companies flags[edit]


Flag Date Use Description
-present Flag of Macedonian Customs
-present Flag of Macedonian Railway
-present North Macedonia Post
-present Macedonian Stock Exchange
-present Macedonian Forest


Flag Date Use Description
-present EVN Macedonia
-present Macedonian Telekom
-present Makpetrol Macedonia
-present Okta Macedonia
-present Komercijalna Banka
Agrofila Logo.png -present Agrofila

Organizations flags[edit]

Flag Date Use Description
1992–present Flag of the World Macedonian Congress red flag with the star of Kutlesh in the middle
-present Regular Grand Lodge of Macedonia
-present Grand Lodge of Macedonia
-present Koledari Kumanovo
Kumani Zapad Logo.jpg 1990–present Kumani Zapad
-present Kumanovo Astronomical Club
Знаме на Македонското хералдичко здружение.png Flag of Macedonian Herald Society red flag with the COA of the society
2001–present Flag of Alliance of Defenders Kumanovo
2004–present Flag of Macedonian United Forces Star from Kutlesh on black background


  1. ^ Considered to be Bulgarian in Bulgaria.[1][2]


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  4. ^ In official speech in Macedonian Parliament in June 2008 on the occasion of the enacting a Law about the usage of the flags in Republic of Macedonia, the deputy Yani Macraduli has maintained, the red - black flag of IMRO dates (was created) during the leadership of Todor Alexandrov, i.e. - 1920s.
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