List of terrorist incidents involving railway systems

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The following is a List of terrorist incidents involving railway systems:

Before 1960[edit]

Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
Hungary Biatorbágy, Hungary September 13, 1931 22 120 The Vienna Express was successfully derailed by a bomb planted by Szilveszter Matuska, who claimed to have done it because he got sexual pleasure watching trains crash. Szilveszter Matuska
Poland Tarnów, Poland August 28, 1939 20 35 Tarnów rail station bomb attack: A German agent placed a suitcase bomb at a busy railway station. Antoni Guzy (German agent)
Mandatory Palestine Rehovot, Mandatory Palestine April 22, 1947 8 Five British officers, two Arab adults and a 3-year-old boy were killed when a military train was mined.[1] Lehi
Mandatory Palestine Lydda, Mandatory Palestine May 15, 1947 2 11 Seven bombs exploded along train tracks near Lydda, killing two British lieutenants and injuring eleven people.[2] Lehi
Mandatory Palestine Lydda, Mandatory Palestine August 9, 1947 1 British troop train bombed, killing the engineer.[3] Irgun
Mandatory Palestine Haifa, Mandatory Palestine September 29, 1947 0 1 British troop train bombed near Haifa, one person was injured.[4] Irgun
Mandatory Palestine Rehovot, Mandatory Palestine February 29, 1948 28 35 Cairo–Haifa train bombings 1948: Jewish militants mined a British military train in retaliation for the Ben Yehuda Street Bombing. No civilians were hurt in the attack. Lehi 1948 Palestine war
Mandatory Palestine Binyamina, Mandatory Palestine March 31, 1948 40 60 Cairo–Haifa train bombings 1948: British military train is mined by Jewish militants. Though some soldiers were on the train, all casualties were civilians. Lehi 1948 Palestine war
Japan Tokyo, Japan July 15, 1949 6 20 Mitaka incident: A train was deliberately crashed into the Mitaka Station in Tokyo. The Japanese government blamed the Japanese Communist Party for the attack but the only person convicted of the attack, Keisuke Takeuchim, was not a member of a party and his guilt remains in doubt. Keisuke Takeuchi (suspected)
Japan Matsukawa, Japan August 17, 1949 3 Matsukawa derailment: A Tōhoku Main Line train is derailed between Kanayagawa and Matsukawa stations, killing three crew members. The Japanese government blamed the Japanese Communist Party for the attack but later retracted. Unknown
French Indochina Col des Nuages, French Indochina June 24, 1953 100+ 1953 Col des Nuages derailment: A passenger train crashed into a ravine after passing through a sabotaged viaduct. Communist rebels were blamed for the attack. Viet Minh First Indochina War


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
France Vitry-le-François, France June 18, 1961 28 100+ 1961 Vitry-Le-François train bombing: A Strasbourg-Paris train is derailed by a bomb on the track, planted by the Organisation armée secrète. The fact that the derailment was deliberately caused was kept secret by the government for many years. OAS Algerian War


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
Italy San Benedetto Val di Sambro, Italy August 4, 1974 12 48 Italicus Express bombing 1974: A bomb explodes on the Italicus Express second-class train car before dawn. The first explosion was caused by a bomb; the second was thought possibly to be caused by a short circuit. Responsibility was claimed by the neo-fascist terrorist organization Ordine Nero. The defendants, Mario Tuti, Luciano Franci, Piero Malentacchi, and Margherita Luddi were all found not guilty of planting the bomb on the Italicus Rome-West Germany vacation express due to a lack of evidence. They were acquitted in 1983. After the acquittals, no group officially took responsibility for the attack. Ordine Nero Years of Lead
Netherlands Wijster, Netherlands December 2 - December 14, 1975 3 1975 Dutch train hostage crisis: Seven terrorists hijacked a train with about 50 passengers held them hostage for twelve days, killing three hostages. South Moluccan freedom fighters
Egypt Alexandria, Egypt August 14, 1976 8 51 A bomb explodes on a train loaded with workers and peasants at 10:45 am. The bomb was left on the luggage rack and exploded while the train was traveling from the yard to the station. Egypt blamed Libya for organizing the attack.[5] Libya (suspected) Lead up to Libyan–Egyptian War
Soviet Union Moscow, Soviet Union January 8, 1977 7 37 1977 Moscow bombings: A series of bombings in Moscow. The first bomb went off on a crowded train between the Izmailovskaya and Pervomaiskaya stations of the Moscow Metro. Unknown
Netherlands Glimmen, Netherlands May 23 - June 11, 1977 8 6 1977 Dutch train hostage crisis: Nine South Moluccans hijacked a train and held hostages for twenty days. Two hostages and six hostage-takers were killed and six people were injured. South Moluccan freedom fighters


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
United Kingdom Dunmurry, United Kingdom January 17, 1980 3 5 Dunmurry train explosion: A premature detonation of a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) incendiary bomb occurred on board a Ballymena to Belfast passenger train service. Provisional IRA The Troubles
Italy Bologna, Italy August 2, 1980 85 200+ August 1980 Bologna bombing: An IED explodes at Bologna Central Station. The attack has been attributed to the neo-fascist terrorist organization Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari and connected to the EU-investigated Operation Gladio. Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari Operation Gladio
Italy Italy December 23, 1984 16 200+ Train 904 bombing: A bomb in a train between Florence and Rome killed 16 and wounded more than 200. Sicilian Mafia Years of Lead
Bulgaria Bunovo, Sofia Province, Bulgaria March 9, 1985 7 9 A bomb planted by pro-Turkish terrorists in a train from Bourgas to Sofia killed 7 and wounded 9.[6] Pro-Turkish militants
Peru Lima, Peru June 26, 1986 7 38 A bomb blast on a train killed an American and 6 others in Peru. Peruvian government blames Communist insurgents for the bombing.[7] Shining Path Internal conflict in Peru


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
India Ludhiana district, India June 15, 1991 80-126 1991 Punjab killings: Sikh militants stopped two trains and massacred Hindu passengers on board. Sikh militants Punjab insurgency
India Ludhiana district, India December 26, 1991 49 20 Sikh militants massacred 49 Hindu passengers aboard a train and injured at least twenty more.[8] Sikh militants Punjab insurgency
Egypt near Asyut, Egypt February 19, 1994 0 4 Gunmen open fire on an Asyut-Luxor train from fields beside the railway track. [9] Unknown
Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan March 19, 1994 14 49 1994 Baku Metro bombings - A suicide bombing takes place on 20 January at a station of Baku Metro. The lead railroad car was destroyed and the station's roof partially collapsed. Sadval
Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan July 3, 1994 13 58 1994 Baku Metro bombings - A remote controlled-gelatine explosive explodes on a metro train between 28 May and Gənclik stations of the Baku Metro. Sadval
Japan Tokyo, Japan March 20, 1995 13 6252 Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway - Sarin Gas was released at 5 locations causing mass injury and loss of life. Aum Shinrikyo
France Paris, France July 25, 1995 8 80 1995 Paris Metro bombing - A gas bottle exploded in the Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame station of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Armed Islamic Group Algerian Civil War
United States Palo Verde, Arizona October 9, 1995 1 78 1995 Palo Verde, Arizona derailment - Amtrak Sunset Limited derails after rails are deliberately shifted out of position. The saboteurs were never identified. Unknown
France Paris, France December 3, 1996 4 170 1996 Paris Métro bombing: Bomb explodes in a car of an RER train at Port Royal station. [10] Armed Islamic Group Algerian Civil War
India Western Assam, India December 30, 1996 33 Brahmaputra Mail train bombing: A mail train was destroyed by a bomb. The rail line was frequently by military trains as well which may have been the bomb's intended target. National Democratic Front of Bodoland (suspected) Assam conflict


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
Philippines Manila, Philippines December 30, 2000 22 120 Rizal Day bombings - Islamist militants bombed a train at the Blumentritt LRT Station as part of Rizal Day bombings. Jemaah Islamiyah (suspected)
Angola Angola August 10, 2001 252 165 2001 Angola train attack - UNITA forces derailed a train with an anti-tank mine between the towns of Zenza and Dondo and then attacked the passengers with small arms fire. UNITA Angolan Civil War
India Jaunpur, India May 13, 2002 12 80 Jaunpur train crash - An act of sabotage which caused the derailment of a passenger train at Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh, a state in Northern India. Student's Islamic Movement of India (suspected)
India Rafiganj, India September 10, 2002 130 500? Rafiganj train disaster - The derailment of a train on a bridge over the Dhave River in North-Central India, which was reportedly due to sabotage by a local Maoist terrorist group, the Naxalites. Communist Party of India Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
India Kurnool, India December 21, 2002 20 80 Kurnool train crash: Deliberate derailment of a passenger train. Lashkar-e-Taiba (suspected)
India Mumbai, India January 27, 2003 1 28 2003 Mumbai bombing: A bomb placed on a bicycle exploded outside the Vile Parle railway station in Mumbai, killing a woman and injuring dozens of people. Lashkar-e-Taiba (suspected)
India Mumbai, India March 13, 2003 10 70 2003 Mumbai train bombing: A bomb exploded on a train as it entered Mulund railway station. Lashkar-e-Taiba (suspected)
Russia Stavropol Krai, Russia September 3, 2003 7 80 A blast which ripped through a commuter train in Stavropol Krai, Russia going from Kislovodsk to Mineralnye Vody.[11] Riyadus-Salihiin Second Chechen War
Russia Stavropol Krai, Russia December 5, 2003 46 170 2003 Stavropol train bombing (December) - A suicide bomber caused a blast which ripped through a commuter train in Stavropol Krai, Russia going from Kislovodsk to Mineralnye Vody as it was leaving Yessentuki. Riyadus-Salihiin Second Chechen War
Russia Moscow, Russia February 6, 2004 41 120 February 2004 Moscow metro bombing - Suicide bomber detonates bomb near Avtozavodskaya station. Riyadus-Salihiin Second Chechen War
Spain Madrid, Spain March 11, 2004 192 2050 2004 Madrid train bombings - Ten near-simultaneous explosions occur between Alcalá de Henares and Madrid Atocha railway station during the morning rush hour. See Reactions to the 2004 Madrid train bombings. Al-Qaeda Wave of Terror in Europe
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom July 7, 2005 56 700 7 July 2005 London bombings - Four explosions (3 on the London Underground and 1 on a bus) rock the transport network in London. Al-Qaeda Wave of Terror in Europe
India Jaunpur, India July 28, 2005 13 50 2005 Jaunpur train bombing - An explosion destroyed a carriage of an express train near the town of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. Unknown
India Mumbai, India July 11, 2006 209 714 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings - Seven explosions in eleven minutes rock the Western Line on the Mumbai Suburban Railway. Lashkar-e-Taiba Kashmir conflict
India West Bengal, India November 20, 2006 7 53 2006 West Bengal train disaster - A bomb explodes on a train near Belacoba station in West Bengal.[12] Unknown
India Panipat, India February 18, 2007 68 50 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings - Bombs were set off in two carriages, both filled with passengers, just after the train passed Diwana station near the Indian city of Panipat. Abhinav Bharat or Lashkar-e-Taiba Kashmir conflict
Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka May 26, 2008 8 72 A packed commuter train carrying 200 passenger onboard which time bombing exploded at Dehiwela railroad station, carried out by the LTTE.[13] LTTE Sri Lankan civil war
India Mumbai, India November 26, 2008 58 104 Part of 2008 Mumbai attacks: Three terrorists, including Ajmal Kasab, opened fire on the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. This was deadliest attack of a series of attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 that killed 166 people in total. Lashkar-e-Taiba Kashmir conflict
Russia Bologoye, Russia November 27, 2009 27 95 2009 Nevsky Express bombing - A 7-kilogram (15 lb) explosive device derailed at least three of the 14 cars of the Nevsky Express at Bologoye on a journey from Moscow to St Petersburg while traveling at 200 kilometres per hour. A second bomb exploded during salvage operations.[14] Caucasus Emirate Insurgency in the North Caucasus


Location Date Dead Injured Details Perpetrators Part of
Russia Moscow, Russia March 29, 2010 40 102 2010 Moscow Metro bombings - A double suicide bombing at Lubyanka and Park Kultury stations of the Moscow Metro. Caucasus Emirate
Insurgency in the North Caucasus
India West Midnapore, West Bengal, India May 28, 2010 148 200+ 2010 Gyaneshwari Express derailment - In the West Midnapore district of West Bengal, India, a sabotaged railway track caused a train to derail before an oncoming goods train, killing at least 148 passengers. Communist Party of India Naxalite–Maoist insurgency
Belarus Minsk, Belarus April 11, 2011 15 204 2011 Minsk Metro bombing: A nail bomb exploded at the Kastryčnickaja metro station in central Minsk, killing 15. Two men were arrested in connection with the bombings and executed in 2012. Dzimitry Kanavalau and Vlad Kavalyou
India Chennai, India May 1, 2014 1 14 2014 Chennai train bombing: Two bombs explode on a train entering Chennai Central railway station Indian Mujahideen (suspected)
Turkey Istanbul, Turkey December 1, 2015 0 5 2015 Istanbul metro bombing: A pipe bomb exploded near the Bayrampaşa—Maltepe station of the Istanbul Metro. Unknown
Belgium Belgium, Brussels March 22, 2016 20 200 Part of 2016 Brussels bombings: A suicide bomber detonated at the Maalbeek metro station in Brussels about an hour after two other suicide bombers detonated at Zaventem airport Islamic State Wave of Terror in Europe
Germany Würzburg, Germany July 18, 2016 1 5 2016 Würzburg train attack: A 17-year-old Afghan refugee stabbed four people on a train in Würzburg before fleeing the train, stabbing another person outside before being shot dead by police. Islamic State Wave of Terror in Europe
India Madhya Pradesh, India March 7, 2017 0 10 2017 Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger train bombing: Ten passengers were injured in the first ISIS attack in India.[15] Islamic State
Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia April 3, 2017 14 64 2017 Saint Petersburg Metro bombing - A briefcase bomb packed with shrapnel exploded on a Saint Petersburg Metro train between Sennaya Ploshchad and Tekhnologichesky Institut stations. A total of 14 people were killed, and 64 others were injured.[16][17] Unknown Unknown

Failed attacks[edit]


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