Maman, Maman

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Monaco "Maman, Maman"
Eurovision Song Contest 1969 entry
Jean-Jacques Bertolai
Jean Jacques
Jo Perrier
Jo Perrier
Hervé Roy
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "À chacun sa chanson" (1968)   
"Marlène" (1970) ►

"Maman, Maman" (English translation: "Mum, Mum") was the Monegasque entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, performed in French by French singer Jean Jacques, at the time just 12 years old.

The song is a ballad, in which the singer tells his mother about a "marvellous dream" he had in which he has grown up and gone to war. Over the course of the song, however, he realises that he prefers his younger life - and ultimately has a "bad dream" in which his envisions his mother in her old age. He concludes by singing that he wishes to remain a child. Jean Jacques recorded the song in four languages; French, German (as "Mama"), Spanish ("Mamá") and Italian ("Mamma").

The song was performed fourth on the night, following Spain's Salomé with "Vivo Cantando" and preceding Ireland's Muriel Day with "The Wages of Love". At the close of voting, it had received 11 points, placing 6th in a field of 16.

It was succeeded as Monegasque representative at the 1970 Contest by Dominique Dussault with "Marlène".

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