Moving Up

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Moving Up
Written byJacob Fleisher
Directed bySandra Beltrao (2005-2006)
Karen Kunkel (2005)
Ben Epstein (2006-2007)
Jo Inglott (2008)
Maggie Zeltner (2009)
StarringDoug Wilson
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons5
No. of episodes62 (Aired)
Producer(s)Sandra Beltrao
Karen Kunkel
Toby Faulkner
Jo Inglott
Liz Alderman
Krista Katsoulis
Jessie Vogelson
Joe Livecchi
Zachariah Sebastian
Running time24 minutes
Original networkThe Learning Channel
Original releaseJanuary 29, 2005 (2005-01-29) –
October 17, 2009 (2009-10-17)

Moving Up is an American reality television series that aired on The Learning Channel. The show originally ran from January 29, 2005 to October 17, 2009.[1]


Moving Up sees each episode a family moving out of their home and then a new family that has purchased the house moving in and renovating it to their desired home. The old family then sees the changes to their old homes and provides feedback. The show is hosted by Doug Wilson, and he visits[clarification needed] the renovation in progress and provides commentary.[2]


The Learning Channel first premiered the show in 2005 with series one consisting of fifteen episodes.[3] A second series consisted of twenty-four episodes, third having thirteen and a fourth containing ten episodes.


Series 1[edit]

Episode # Title Original Airdate Production Code
01"Country Kitsch Carnage"July 29, 2005 (2005-07-29)101
02"Color-Blind Architects"2005 (2005)102
03"Blasé Beige and Gothic Rage"2005 (2005)103
04"Funky Farmhouse"2005 (2005)104
05"80's Kitsch to Rustic Niche"2005 (2005)105
06"Faux Finish Fiasco"2005 (2005)106
07"Fixing the Naughty Room"2005 (2005)107
08"From Rental to Dental"2005 (2005)108
09"Pink to the Brink"2005 (2005)109
10"Calamityville Horror"2005 (2005)110
11"Harlem Hardware Headache"2005 (2005)111
12"Wild West to Sunday Best"2005 (2005)112
13"From Brother's Rest to Lover's Nest"2005 (2005)113
14"Bachelor Funk to Eclectic Spunk"2005 (2005)114
15"Operation Renovation"2005 (2005)115

Series 2[edit]

Episode # Title Original Airdate Production Code
01"Vietnam to Chaka Khan"2006 (2006)201
02"All That Glitters Is Gold!"2006 (2006)202
03"Crushing Grapes and Wallpaper Scrapes"2006 (2006)203
04"Wedding Bells and Breakup Hell"2006 (2006)204
05"Totally Tudor-licious"2006 (2006)205
06"All in the Family"2006 (2006)206
07"Tear it Up, Tear it Off"2006 (2006)207
08"Wedding Surprise and Budget Demise"2006 (2006)208
09"Floral Fetish to Field of Dreams"2006 (2006)209
10"Shipped Out, Spent Up"2006 (2006)210
11"Mortgage Mayhem"2006 (2006)211
12"Zen-Free Stress and Matching Dress"2006 (2006)212
13"Wedding Jitters and Barnyard Critters"2006 (2006)213
14"Man Cave and Orange Rave"2006 (2006)214
15"Junkyard Best to Orange Zest"2006 (2006)215
16"All's Fair in Love and Decor"2006 (2006)216
17"Victorian Vamp to Retro Camp"2006 (2006)217
18"Red Hot Sass Meets College Class"2006 (2006)218
19"From Beach Bum to Hookah Heaven"2006 (2006)219
20"Strong-Willed and Stressed Out Supermoms"2006 (2006)220
21"Picture Perfect"2006 (2006)221
22"Ghost Tours and Rotted Floors"2006 (2006)222
23"Beige Be Gone"2006 (2006)223
24"Grown Up and Fed Up"2006 (2006)224

Series 3[edit]

Episode # Title Original Airdate Production Code
01"Seeing Red"2007 (2007)301
02"Regretting Arizona"2007 (2007)302
03"Mummy Dearest"2007 (2007)303
04"Design Divas"2007 (2007)304
05"Spaced Out"2007 (2007)305
06"And Baby Makes Mayhem"2007 (2007)306
07"The Princess and Her Castle"2007 (2007)307
08"Baby Steps"2007 (2007)308
09"Fighting Fires"2007 (2007)309
10"Bigger and Better"2007 (2007)310
11"The Lottery Winners"2007 (2007)311
12"Out Of The Woods"2007 (2007)312
13"Color Clash"2007 (2007)313

Series 4[edit]

Episode # Title Original Airdate Production Code
01"Blood, Sweat, and No Tears"2008 (2008)401
02"A Swing and a Surprise"2008 (2008)402
03"K-9 Retreat"2008 (2008)403
04"Kitchen Nightmares"2008 (2008)404
05"Have a Little Faith"2008 (2008)405
06"A Couple Fix Her Upper's"2008 (2008)406
07"A Staten Island Ferry Tale"2008 (2008)407
08"Honeymoons, Hammers and Headaches"2008 (2008)408
09"Love and Laundry"2008 (2008)409
10"Broken Hearts and Fresh Starts"2008 (2008)410