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Background information
Birth nameSimona Milinytė
Born (1995-12-12) December 12, 1995 (age 23)
GenresPop, rock
Occupation(s)Singer, actress, social media personality, host
Years active2002–present

Simona Milinytė (born December 12, 1995[1]), also known as Simonna, is a Lithuanian - American actress and singer.


2007–11: Career Beginnings and 12[edit]

In 2007, in Kaunas City Song, Simonna won first place with her song 'Sparnuotosios Supynes'.[citation needed] The song 'Sparnuotosios supynes', after Simonna's successful performance in this competition, the summery song later became kind of an anthem in Kaunas city.[citation needed]

In 2008, Simonna participated in a contest in Pompeii, Italy.[citation needed] Also, later that year, Simonna participated in the contest called 'Talent Kaunas 2008.'[citation needed] In this contest she won 2nd place[citation needed], and 'Baltic Talents',[citation needed] which took place in Riga, Estonia, and Simonna was nominated for a diploma.

In 2009, Simonna participated in contests like first republic children and youth vocal competition, called 'Nightingale's Valley', where Simonna won 2nd place,[citation needed] St. Petersburg's contest 'The path to the stars – in 2009', in International talent competition 'Kaunas – 2009', where Simonna won the 1st place[citation needed], and also in competition 'Baltic Transit' Simonna won 3rd place[citation needed]. Also, in 2008–09, Simonna was touring Lithuania with some singers from Lithuania in the Olialia Zuzi Fiesta Tour.[citation needed]

In 2010, in the TV festival 'TV Start', which took place in Turkey, Simonna won Grand Prix in the vocal category[citation needed] and won 1st place in model category[citation needed]. Same year, in one of the most famous festival in the world 'San Remo' (Italy), Simonna became a finalist[citation needed]. Later that year, Simonna has successfully completed The New York Film Academy's 'Four Week Musical Film Workshop'.

In 2011, Simonna was invited to attend TwitChange[citation needed], a celebrity Twitter auction with stars like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and others. Simonna has acted in the famous Lithuanian TV series 'Giminės. Po 20 metų' as a guest star.[citation needed]

2012: National Eurovision Song Contest in Lithuania and Simonna[edit]

In 2012 Simonna applied to the national Eurovision Song Contest in Lithuania with her song One Of A Kind. She finished 3rd in the semi-final[citation needed], and in the national final came 7th[citation needed] without reaching the super-final. She is the youngest national Lithuania's Eurovision Song Contest participant ever.[citation needed]

Simonna released her song, One Of A Kind as her single. It was written by F. Westin and produced by Bobby Ljunggren and Marcos Ubeda for Simonna's Eurovision project and her second studio self-titled album Simonna (2012).At first, this song was created for Eurovision Song Contest winner Carola Häggkvist, but when she refused to participate in Eurovision Song Contest one more time, the producers gave this song to Simonna. In early 2012, the music video for Simonna's single, One Of A Kind, was shot in Lithuania.

In March 2012, Simonna signed with USA-based management June Entertainment and manager John Ryan Jr., but after a year she terminated the contract. At the end of 2013, Simonna released her second, self-titled album Simonna. The album consists of 15 songs recorded in both Lithuanian and English.

2013: New music[edit]

In May 2013, Simonna tweeted on her official Twitter page new lyrics from her upcoming song.[2] As of June, 2013, Simonna is currently working on a new song with American rapper and songwriter King Kaseem, which is going to be featured on the song as well.[3] The new music is expected to be released sometime in July. On July 25, 2013, Simonna revealed that her new song is called The Mountain. In 2014, February 11 Simonna released her new single "My eyes On You". On 2014, February 20 Simonna has terminated her contract with June Entertainment. February 24 Biggest music channel MTV started to play Simonna's music videos [4] Simonna started to study in New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA in 2014 September.

2014-2015: Achievements Worldwide[edit]

Starting the 2015, Simonna decided to focus on education and school, and take a break from music. In March 2016, Simonna graduated from The Center of Legal Studies[citation needed] and became a certified victim advocate at The California State University - Monterey Bay[citation needed]. To celebrate the graduation, Simonna released her new hit single MOONLIGHT on VEVO channel.

Achieved in 2014-2015: Simonna's Music videos are being played by MTV channels Worldwide [4]

Simonna got officially VEVO certified channel.[5]

Simonna's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts got statuses of celebrity musician verified page.[6]

Simonna has become an official member of Recording Academy – The Grammy's. Starting the 2015, Simonna decided to focus on education and school since she's not that bright when it comes to musicianship

2016: New beginnings[edit]

In March 2016, Simonna graduated from The Center of Legal Studies and became a certified victim advocate at The California State University - Monterey Bay.

To celebrate the graduation, Simonna released her new hit single MOONLIGHT [7] on VEVO channel.[8]

Simonna is studying communications at Southern New Hampshire University.

Simonna has been in 56th, 57th, 58th Grammy's consideration list[citation needed]. Simonna's new singles Say to Me, Rush for love, My Eyes on You came out on her official VEVO channel and is being played by radio stations, clubs worldwide. New music video featuring Harry Potter actor Devon Murray has been announced with trailer.[9] Music video should come out October/November 2017 on VEVO, MTV channels.

2018-2019: Acting career and further life[edit]

Simonna got roles in various films. She is playing a lead role in new TV episodes “First Month Is For Free”,[10] she is acting in drama “Hollywood Rooftop” [11] which is directed by Brett Leonard who did a movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. There will be two versions of this movie : 2D and Virtual reality version .[12] Simonna also was in a short film “inSANE”,[13] short films “Short Movie “Trail of glitter” and “The Third Rainbow”, also has been a supporting actress in the movie “Crazy For the Boys” [14] and Horror/Thriller “The Great Illusion” (Featuring award-winning actors Selma Blair, Graham Greene).[14] Simonna was playing a main role - a ghostly woman in the horror thriller “The Blackstone”. Simonna did soundtracks for this movie as well.[15] Simonna plays lead roles in movies “Red Winter” and “Then She Was Gone”. Simona will be playing a role on upcoming movie which is based on the novel 23:27 by H.L Roberts. Production is still in early staged, but Simona has already been offered a role.

Simonna has been booked for several movies in 2019 & another TV episodes.

Simonna also graduated Southern New Hampshire University and has Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree.[16]



Title Details
  • Release date: 2008
  • Label: Zuzi Muzika
  • Formats: CD
  • Release date: 2013
  • Label: Zuzi Muzika
  • Formats: CD


Year Single Album
2013 "Give" Simonna
2012 "One Of A Kind" Simonna
2013 "The Mountain" Non-album single
2014 "My Eyes on You" Non-album single
2015 "Rush For Love" Non-album single
2015 "It's Beautiful" Non-album single
2016 "MOONLIGHT" Non-album single
2017 "Every time you need me" Non-album single


Year Title Role Notes
2018 HOLLYWOOD ROOFTOP Directed by Brett Leonard(Director Brett Leonard did a movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Virtual reality and 2D - two versions of the movie) Simona Supporting actress
2018 Short film inSANE Detective Casey lead
2018 TV episodes ”First Month Is For Free” Chloe lead
2018 Horror, Thriller “The Great Illusion” (Featuring award-winning actors Selma Blair and Graham Greene) caged girl supporting
2018 Horror, Thriller “The Blackstone” Ghostly Woman Co-lead
2019 Movie “Red Winter” Scarlett O'Hera lead
2019 Movie “Then She Was Gone” Special Agent Elisa Gardener lead
2018 Movie “Crazy For the Boys” Cheerleader supporting
2018 Short Movie “The Third Rainbow” Irene aka “Honey Bunny” lead
2018 Short Movie “Trail of glitter” Sandra lead
2010 AIDA” Musical Film — New York Film Academy workshop Unknown Co-lead
2011 Giminės. Po 20 Metų Unknown 1 episode; guest star


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