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Solicitor General of Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese法律政策專員

The Solicitor General of Hong Kong is head of the Legal Policy Division of the Department of Justice (律政司) in Hong Kong. He (to date no woman has held the post) is responsible for the development of legal policy, advising the Secretary for Justice (called the Attorney General before 1997) on legal issues, and overseeing the department's staff and legislative programme.


The position of Solicitor General in Hong Kong was created after the end of World War II.[1] The Solicitor General acted as the deputy of the Attorney General and regularly appeared in court.

In 1979, the roles of Law Draftsman, Law Officer (Civil) and Crown Prosecutor (called from the inception of the position Director of Public Prosecutions) were created and the position of Solicitor General was abolished. It was reinstated in 1981 with the Solicitor General being put in charge of legal policy.[2]

The Secretary for Justice is now assisted by five law officers, namely:

Current holder[edit]

The current Solicitor General is Wesley Wong Wai-chung, who was appointed in September 2015.

Remuneration for the post, as advertised in 2015, is HK$201,950 (up from HK$162,650 in 2000) per month, together with housing allowance, 'leave passage allowance', and other benefits.[3]

List of Solicitors General[edit]

No. Office holder Term Notes
1 George E Strickland, QC[4] 1947-1952 Acting Attorney General prior to appointment
2 Arthur Hooton, QC[5] 1952-1961
3 Maurice Heenan, QC[6] 1961 Non-British-born (born in New Zealand). Appointed Attorney General in 1961.
4 Denys Roberts, QC 1962-1966 Appointed Attorney General in 1966. Later Colonial/Chief Secretary and Chief Justice.
5 Graham Sneath, QC[7] 1966-1973
6 John Hobley, QC[8] 12 May - 29 September 1973 Appointed Attorney General in 1973. Retired and left Hong Kong 1979.
7 Garth Thornton[9] 1973-1979 Author of Thornton's Legislative Drafting
None 1979-1981 Position abolished in 1979; reestablished in 1981.[10]
8 Ray Astin[11] 1981-1984 Full name was Ernest Raymond Astin
9 James Findlay, QC[12] 1984-1986 Later became Judge of the High Court.
10 Frank Stock, QC[13] 1987-1991 Became High Court Judge, Vice President of Court of Appeal and then Non-Permanent Judge of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal
11 Bertrand de Speville[14][15] 1991-1993 British, born 16 June 1941, (Commissioner of ICAC, 1993-1996)
12 Daniel Richard Fung Wah-kin SC (馮華健)[16] 1994 - 30 Aug 1998 born c1954. Was appointed from private practice; Returned to private practice as senior counsel
13 Robert Charles ("Bob") Allcock, SBS[17][18][19] 1999-2000 (acting)
17 Aug 2000 to Jan 2007
born c1947
13 Ian Wingfield, GBS[20][21] Jan 2007 to 2 Aug 2010 born c1949. Now, in private practice as a barrister.
14 Frank Poon Ying-kwong, SBS, JP[22] 2 Aug 2010-2 Sept 2015 b c1956
15 Wesley Wong Wai-chung, SC, JP[23] 3 Sept 2015- b c1971. Deputy DPP immediately prior to appointment.

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