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Granted Inherited Denied Revoked Depends Limited Limited inheritence

Allows user(s) to… Blocked users Unregistered
Registered accounts Autoconfirmed
and Confirmed
Bots Administrators Bureaucrats other groups
abusefilter-hidden-log View hidden abuse log entries Oversighters
abusefilter-hide-log Hide entries in the abuse log
abusefilter-log View the abuse log
abusefilter-log-detail View detailed abuse log entries
abusefilter-modify Modify abuse filters Edit filter managers
abusefilter-privatedetails View private data (IP addresses) in the abuse log CheckUsers
abusefilter-privatedetails-log View the AbuseFilter private details access log
abusefilter-revert Revert all changes by a given abuse filter
abusefilter-view View abuse filters Only non-private filters CheckUsers, Edit filter helpers, Edit filter managers, Oversighters
apihighlimits Request API queries in batches of 5,000, rather than 500 Researchers
applychangetags Apply tags along with one's changes
autoconfirmed Not be affected by IP-based rate limits Pending changes reviewers
autopatrol Automatically mark all edits made by the user as patrolled Autopatrolled users, Global rollbackers
autoreview Automatically mark all revisions made by the user as "accepted" Only Autoconfirmed, not Confirmed Pending changes reviewers
bigdelete Delete pages with over 5,000 revisions Stewards
block Block an IP address, user account, or range of IP addresses, from editing
blockemail Block a user from sending email
bot Edit without their edits showing up in recent changes
browsearchive Search deleted pages CheckUsers, Oversighters, Researchers
centralauth-merge Merge their account
changetags Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries Edit filter managers
checkuser View all IP addresses used by a user account or show all edits from a given IP address CheckUsers, Ombudsmen
checkuser-log View the checkuser log
collectionsaveascommunitypage Save books as community page in the book namespace
collectionsaveasuserpage Save books as user subpage
createaccount Create a new user account for themselves or another user Account creators
createpage Create a new page
createpagemainns Create a new mainspace page (users without this right are redirected to the Article Creation Workflow landing page)
createtalk Create a new talk page own user talk only
delete Delete a page with ≤ 5,000 revisions
deletechangetags Delete tags from the database
deletedhistory View the history of a deleted page or a user's deleted contributions Only pages that are not CSS or JS CheckUsers, Oversighters, Researchers, Interface administrators, Interface editors
deletedtext View the text of deleted revisions Only pages that are not CSS or JS CheckUsers, Ombudsmen, Oversighters, Interface administrators, Interface editors
deletelogentry Access the RevisionDelete tool and change the public visibility of log entries Oversighters
deleterevision Access the RevisionDelete tool and change the public visibility of edit revisions
edit Edit any page which is not protected
editcontentmodel Edit the content model of a page
editinterface Edit the MediaWiki namespace to affect the interface Only pages that are not CSS or JS Interface administrators, Interface editors
editmyoptions Edit your own preferences
editmyprivateinfo Edit your own private data (e.g. email address, real name)
editmyusercss Edit your own user .css files
editmyuserjs Edit your own user .js files
editmyuserjson Edit your own user .json files
editmywatchlist Edit your own watchlist
editprotected Edit fully-protected pages
editsemiprotected Edit semi-protected pages Pending changes reviewers
editsitecss Edit sitewide .css files Interface administrators, Interface editors
editsitejs Edit sitewide .js files
editsitejson Edit sitewide .json files
edittalk Edit their own talk page
editusercss Edit other users' .css files Interface administrators, Interface editors
edituserjs Edit other users' .js files
edituserjson Edit other users' .json files Interface administrators
extendedconfirmed Edit 30/500 protected pages Extended confirmed editors
globalblock-whitelist Disable global blocks locally
hideuser Block a username, hiding it from the public Oversighters
import Import pages from other wikis Importers, Transwiki importers
importupload Import pages from a locally stored XML file Importers
ipblock-exempt Be unaffected by blocks applied to the user's IP address or a range (CIDR) containing it IP block-exempt users
managechangetags Create and (de)activate tags Edit filter managers
markbotedits Mark rollback as bot edits, to keep them out of recent changes Global rollbackers
massmessage Send a message to multiple users at once Mass message senders
mergehistory Merge the history of pages
minoredit Make an edit marked as 'minor'
Permission Allows user(s) to... Blocked users Unregistered
Registered accounts Autoconfirmed
and Confirmed
Bots Administrators Bureaucrats other groups
move Change the title of a page by moving it Page movers
move-categorypages Change the title of a category by moving it
movefile Change the title of a file by moving it File movers
move-rootuserpages Move root user pages
move-subpages Move pages with their subpages Page movers
movestable Move pages under pending changes Only Autoconfirmed, not Confirmed
mwoauthmanagemygrants Manage OAuth grants
nominornewtalk Minor edits by this user to user talk pages do not trigger the "you have new messages" banner
noratelimit Not be affected by rate limits Account creators, Event coordinators, Global rollbackers, Stewards
nuke Mass delete pages
oathauth-enable Enable two-factor authentication CheckUsers, Edit filter managers, Founder, Importers, Interface administrators, Oversighters, Template editors, Transwiki importers
oathauth-view-log Access to log of two-factor authentication changes
override-antispoof Allows the creation of accounts with mixed-script, confusing and similar usernames Account creators
oversight View revisions that have been suppressed, or hidden from public and administrator view Oversighters
pagetriage-copyvio Tag pages in the Special:NewPagesFeed as likely copyright violations, through the pagetriage-tagcopyvio API Copyright violation bots
patrol State that they have checked a page that appeared in Special:Newpages New page reviewers
protect Change protection levels, edit and move protected pages
purge Purge a page by adding &action=purge to the URL
read Read pages
renameuser Change the name of an existing account Global renamers, Stewards
reupload Overwrite an existing unprotected file
reupload-own Overwrite existing files uploaded by oneself
reupload-shared Override files on the shared media repository locally
review Mark revisions as being "accepted" Pending changes reviewers
rollback Use a special link to more easily revert a bad edit Rollbackers, Global rollbackers
sendemail E-mail a user (using Special:EmailUser/username) who have associated an email address with themselves
skipcaptcha Perform CAPTCHA-triggering actions without having to go through the CAPTCHA
spamblacklistlog View the spam blacklist log Edit filter helpers
stablesettings Configure how the latest accepted revision is selected and displayed
suppressionlog View private logs Oversighters
suppressredirect Not create a redirect from the old name when moving a page Global rollbackers, Page movers
suppressrevision Access the RevisionDelete tool and change the public and administrator visibility of edit revisions and logs Oversighters
tboverride Override the title blacklist Template editors, Page movers
tboverride-account Override the username blacklist Account creators
templateeditor Edit pages under template protection Template editors
titleblacklistlog View title blacklist log
torunblocked Bypass automatic blocks of Tor exit nodes IP block-exempt users
transcode-reset Reset failed or transcoded videos so they are inserted into the job queue again
transcode-status View information about the current transcode activity
undelete Undelete a previously deleted page or specific revisions from it, view deleted revisions
unwatchedpages View a list of pages which are not on anyone's watchlist
upload Upload a media file
userrights Change the user groups of another user ± rollbacker
± Ipblock-exempt
± accountcreator
± autopatrolled
± Edit Filter manager
± Edit Filter helper
± Confirmed
± Filemover
± Reviewer
± Template editor
± Page mover
± Mass message sender
± extendedconfirmed
± New page reviewers
± Event coordinators
- Ipblock-exempt
± accountcreator
± confirmed
± Reviewer
± administrator
± interface administrator
± bot
± Copyright violation bots
+ bureaucrat
event coordinators
+ confirmed
Stewards, Jimbo Wales
± any
viewmyprivateinfo View your own private data (e.g. email address, real name)
viewmywatchlist View your own watchlist
vipsscaler-test Use the VIPS scaling test interface
writeapi Use of the write API
Permission Allows user(s) to… Blocked users Unregistered
Registered accounts Auto-confirmed
and Confirmed
Bots Administrators Bureaucrats other groups