Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2006

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10th TFCA Awards

December 19, 2006

Best Film:
The Queen

The 10th Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, honoring the best in film for 2006, were given on 19 December 2006.[1][2]


Runners-Up: Ryan GoslingHalf Nelson and Forest WhitakerThe Last King of Scotland

Runners-Up: Penélope CruzVolver and Judi DenchNotes on a Scandal

Runners-Up: Over the Hedge and A Scanner Darkly

Runners-Up: The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, Monkey Warfare and Six Figures

Runners-Up: Paul GreengrassUnited 93 and Martin ScorseseThe Departed

Runners-Up: Deliver Us from Evil and An Inconvenient Truth

Runners-Up: The Departed and United 93

Runners-Up: Brick and Little Miss Sunshine

Runners-Up: Pan's LabyrinthMexico/Spain and VolverSpain

Runners-Up: BabelGuillermo Arriaga and The DepartedWilliam Monahan

Runners-Up: Danny HustonThe Proposition and Mark WahlbergThe Departed

Runners-Up: Jennifer HudsonDreamgirls and Rinko KikuchiBabel


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