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University of Cebu
Unibersidad sa Sugbo
Pamantasan ng Cebu
Former names
Cebu College of Commerce
Cebu Central Colleges (1972-1992)
MottoEducation towards global competitiveness
TypePrivate, Non-sectarian, Research, Coeducational
Academic affiliations
ChancellorCandice G. Gotianuy
PresidentAtty. Augusto W. Go
Vice-ChancellorAtty. Baldomero Estenzo(Executive vice-chancellor)
Dr. Anna Liza Son
(VC-Academics Affairs Prof. Ed.)
Dr. Ulysses B. Aparece (VC-Academics Affairs Gen. Ed.)
Ms. Maria Teresa Jochin (VC-Administrative Affairs)
Sanciangko St. Cebu City
, ,
Campus4 Urban Campuses:
Sanciangko Main Campus
Banilad Campus
Mambaling Campus
Lapu-lapu and Mandaue Campus
Sporting affiliations

The University of Cebu (UC) (Cebuano: Unibersidad sa Sugbo; Filipino: Pamantasan ng Cebu) is an educational institution in Cebu City, Philippines founded in 1964 offering preschool, grade school, junior & senior high school, undergraduate degrees, and post-graduate degrees. It currently has four campuses.


A group of young men headed by lawyer Augusto W. Go, formed an alliance and set up an educational institution of what was then called the Cebu College of Commerce, then later renamed Cebu Central Colleges (CCC). Starting with a handful of enrollees, the college was established on April 1, 1964. It grew over time and became the University of Cebu. Its philanthropic mantra has been "No tuition fee increase."

The University of Cebu has been recognized by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA). As of 2014 it had more than 60,000 students.

Below is a much comprehensive timeline on the University of Cebu's history:

Year Timeline and Milestones
July 1964 Opening of High School Day and Night and of the first Collegiate programs, Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC) and Associate in Secretarial Science (ASS), with an enrollment of 600 students.
1965 Addition of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) and Bachelor of Arts (AB) Programs.
1966 Acquisition of a new building to accommodate increased student population
1967 Opening of Associate in Nautical Science (A.N.S.). Construction of third story building
February 1968 Construction of a building fronting the Sanciangko gate
1968 Offering of Associate in Marine Engineering (AME) and Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA)
1971 Addition of Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSCrim) course. Completion of Sanciangko building
1972 Approval by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the change of name of the institution from Cebu College of Commerce to Cebu Central Colleges (CCC)
1973 Offering of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
1974 Addition of Supplemental Course in Nursing
1976 Opening of Midwifery and Health Aide, a course closely allied to Nursing; also of Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (BSNAME)
1977 Added Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration (BSSA)
1978 First Engineering Course, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) offered.
1979 Construction of the first wing of the Don Manuel Gotianuy Building. Added BS in Electrical and Civil Engineering (BSEE & BSCE) to Engineering Courses.
1980 Completion of second wing of the Don Manuel Gotianuy building. Establishment of the Graduate School, offering Master of Science in Elementary School Management (MSESM) and Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA).
1981 Completion of the last wing of the CCC complex
1982 BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) opened.
1983 Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science (BSICS) offered, making Cebu Central Colleges, the first school in Cebu to offer it. Associate in Criminology is offered.
1984 BS Computer Engineering (BSCompE) enriched College degree programs
1985 Opening of the EDP; Computerization of the College Enrollment.
1986 Construction of the new building housing the chapel
October 13–14, 1986 PACU-COA Preliminary Visit for Level 1 Status of the BSMT and AME Departments
1987 Completion of the new building (housing the Nursing, Midwifery and Criminology Departments at Sanciangko Street. One Graduate Course added: Master of Science in Teaching, major in Mathematics (MST Math)
February 1988 PACU-COA approved Level 1 status for BSMT and AME Departments. Bachelor of Science in Marine Officers Training Course added
June 1989 Master in Criminal Justice System opened
August 28, 1989 25th Anniversary of CCC
October 1989 Formal Visit of the PACU-COA Accrediting Team for Level II status of the BSMT and AME Departments
June 1990 Transfer of BSMT to new site at Alumnos, Mambaling
March 16, 1991 Inauguration of Alumnos, Mambaling BSMT Campus
1991 Construction of the new Science and Technology Building at the Expressway Campus.
June 1991 Expansion of Graduate School, adding new majors, Educational Technology and Marine and Nautical Science to MST program as well as School Management, Management of Classroom Learning, and Management of Pre-School education to MSESM program.
1991 Offering of new undergraduate programs: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA), Bachelor of Science in Commerce, major in Real Estate and Insurance.
1991 Purchase of the Cebu Coliseum to serve as CCC's gymnasium.
October 1991 Preliminary visit by PACU-COA Accrediting Team for Level 1 Accreditation of the BSN, AB and BSEd Courses.
February 1992 The University Team of Bureau of Higher Education – DECS visited CCC, in connection with its application for University status.
February 1992 Level I Accreditation Status granted by PACU-COA to the College of Nursing, Arts, and Education
April 8, 1992 Approval by DECS Secretary Dr. Isidro Cariño of the conversion of Cebu Central Colleges to the University of Cebu, effective May 1, 1992.
May 8, 1992 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval of the change of name from Cebu Central Colleges (CCC) to the University of Cebu (UC).
June 1, 1992 Installation of Augusto W. Go as the first President of the University of Cebu by DECS Secretary Dr. Isidro D. Cariño.
June 1, 1992 Transfer of Allied Engineering classes to the new Science and Technology Building at the South Expressway
August 7, 1992 Blessing and Inauguration of the New Science and Technology Building, with the New DECS Secretary, Dr. Armand Fabella, cutting the ribbon.
August 7, 1992 Linkage of UC with ATS-CAD for Computer Designs
October 19, 1992 First advanced SOLAS training course offered by the International Development and Environmental Shipping School (IDESS), in cooperation with the University of Cebu Maritime Education Center.
January 1993 Additional Graduate courses approved: Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), major in Educational Planning and Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN)
June 1993 University of Cebu granted permit by DECS Regional Office to operate on experimental basis the modified B.S. Marine Engineering (BSMarE-NIS) and B.S. Marine Transportation (BSMT-NIS), in cooperation with the Norwegian Training Center-Manila.
June 1993 Computer courses for High School students and Short Term Computer Programs offered.
June 1993 UC Graduate School made FAPE Regional Training Center for MST Mathematics, MA Nursing and MST Nautical Science.
June 1993 Installation of canofile machine in the Registrar's office.
December 9–11, 1993 Visit of PACU-COA Accreditors for Reaccreditation of the College of Marine Transportation and College of Marine Engineering and Formal Visit for Level II Status of the Colleges of Education, Arts and Sciences, and Nursing.
March 1994 PACU-COA grants Level II status to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs and Level II Reaccreditation status to Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering programs.
June 1994 Additional majors in Bachelor of Arts offered: Industrial Psychology, Guidance, and Theater Arts
October 24, 1994 Laying of cornerstone of the AWG Building.
November 24, 1994 UC granted permit to offer Five (5) Day – Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) vocational course.
May 21, 1995 Inauguration of branch school, University of Cebu Lapulapu Mandaue (UC-LM).
June 1995 New major, Management Accounting, added to Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree program.
June 1995 UC granted recognition by CHED of its Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) major in Institutional Planning and Master of Arts in Nursing (M.A.N.) programs.
October 1995 UC made the Center for Mathematics of the FAPE-CHED-COCOPEA Consortium for the Massive Upgrading Program of College Faculty in Region VII.
Nov. 16 - 17,1995 Nautical and Marine Engineering programs of UC audited by team from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD).
March 1996 Safety training courses of UC – Basic Safety Course, Medical-Emergency-First-Aid, Advanced Fire Fighting and Proficiency in Survival Craft accredited by the NMD.
March 1996 UC granted by CHED 36 Awards for Exemplary and/or Outstanding Academic Achievement/Performance for SY 1995-1996.
April 25, 1996 University of Cebu granted permit by CHED to offer the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) course, effective SY 1996-1997.
June 17, 1996 UC linked up with INTERNET (FAPE-NET).
October 4, 1996 UC granted by PACU-COA Level I accredited status for the Colleges of Criminology and Hotel and Restaurant Management
March 6 – 8, 1997 Level II – First Reaccredited Visit of PACU-COA for College of Nursing and College of Education
June 1997 Graduate School granted permit by CHED to offer new major, Computer Science in its MST program
September 15–17, 1997 System Assessment of UC's Maritime Transportation program by the DET Norske Veritas represented by Mr. Ravi Mehta, Lead Auditor.
October 1–3, 1997 Formal visit by PACUCOA of the Colleges of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Criminology
December 10, 1997 PACU-COA grants Level II status to the College of Criminology and Hotel and Restaurant Management
February 3 – 5, 1998 First Audit of UC's Maritime Transportation program by the DET Norske Veritas represented by Mr. Ravi Mehta, Lead Auditor
June 1998 Opening of Elementary Department Restructuring of the College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Arts
June 1998 Offering of Master of Science in Criminology
July 30 – 31, 1998 Level II First Reaccredited Visit for the College of Arts
September 4, 1998 PACU-COA grants Level II- First Reaccredited status to the College of Arts
December 5, 1998 Blessing of Jose W. Gotianuy Hall, UC-METC Campus and Presentation of the DET Norske Veritas (DNV) Certificate under the Rules of Maritime Academies and Training Centers
April 1999 PACU-COA grants Level I Status to the Colleges of Commerce, Computer Engineering and Computer Science
June 8, 1999 CHED grants government recognition of the Bachelor of Elementary Education course effective SY 1998-1999
June 11, 1999 Granted Certificate of Authorization by CHED as a deputized Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) School in Region VII for Criminology, Business Administration and Allied Engineering courses
November 18, 1999 Opening of CISCO Networking Academy program
February 1, 2000 CHED grants government recognition of the Master of Science in Criminology course effective SY 1999-2000
April 10, 2000 PACU-COA grants Level II First Reaccredited status to the Colleges of Criminology and Hotel and Restaurant Management
April 10, 2000 PACU-COA grants Level II Second Reaccredited status to the Colleges of Nursing and Education
August 26, 2000 Blessing and Inauguration of four facilities at the UC-METC Campus, namely, Ship's Bridge Simulator, Multimedia Center, New Dormitory, Project Alpha office and Resource Center
April 10, 2001 PACU-COA grants Level II Formal Accredited Status to the College of Commerce and Computer Engineering
June 2001 Transfer of Graduate School to its new site at the Alicia Gotianuy annex
September 2001 Transfer of Business offices to new Doña Alicia Gotianuy Bldg.
November 5, 2001 PACUCOA grants Level II Second Reaccredited Status to the Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation programs of the University
December 7, 2001 Inauguration of University of Cebu at Lapu-Lapu & Mandaue (UC-LM) Annex Building
March 8, 2002 University of Cebu – Banilad granted Government permit to operate first year, Bachelor of Laws (LIB) in Collegiate Year 2002 – 2003
June 2002 Opening of UC – Banilad with curricular offerings in Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
June 2002 Transfer of the College of Nursing to UC – Banilad and UC-LM opened its Elementary and High School Programs
June 29 – 31, 2002 PACU-COA Visit for the following curricular programs: Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
May 17, 2003 Transfer of the Administrative Offices to new Elementary and High School Building
June 2003 Opening of the UC-LM new College of Nursing. Start of UC-LM elementary and high school classes at the new Elementary and High School Building. Opening of the UC-LM Pre-School Program.
July 10, 2003 President of the University of Cebu, Augusto W. Go, sworn in as Consul General of the Republic of Korea
July 21, 2003 Inauguration and Blessing of new UC Main Elementary and High School Building by Ricardo Cardinal Vidal and unveiling of the new UC logo (UC to the World)
August 29, 2003 Blessing of the UC – Banilad Building
October 27, 2003 CHED grants Deregulated Status to UC
November 10, 2003 PACU-COA grants Level II Second Reaccredited Status to the Liberal Arts program
January 6, 2004 Granting of Government Recognition for the UC-LM High School Program
September 22–24, 2004 PACU-COA visit for CompE. , HRM, Commerce
April 4, 2005 PACU-COA grants Level II – 1st Reaccredited Status to CompE
May 31, 2005 PACU-COA grants Level II – Candidate status 1st Reaccredited to BSC Program
June 15, 2005 Granting of Government Recognition for the UC-LM Pre-school and Elementary Programs
October 2005 PACU-COA visit for College of Education Level II – 3rd Reaccredited Status
October 2005 PACU-COA preliminary visit for College of Education and Criminology - UC-LM
June 2006 Recognition of the Organizational structure of the UC system. Chancellor fully in-charge of university affairs. Vice Presidents renamed as Vice Chancellors. Blessing of new building for the welding refresher courses in METC.
October 20, 2006 UC inked MOA with Iiino Maritime Services Co. Ltd., (IMS), Pobar Marine Services, Inc. (PSMI) to bestow select UC Maritime students with scholarship grants.
December 8, 2006 Blessing of the new building in UC-LM
January 18, 2007 UC formalized partnership with Professional Review and Training Center (PRTC) to provide CPA review classes for Cebuanos.
March 3, 2007 UC was hailed as an outstanding educational institution and UC President Augusto W. Go was chosen as an outstanding individual in the field of Education by the Cebu City Government during the 70th Cebu City Charter Day celebration. UC College of Law produces its first batch of bar topnotchers: 8th place Al-Shawid L. Ismael and 10th place Christian B. Llido.
April 12, 2007 PACU-COA granted candidate status for College of Commerce.
June 6, 2007 UC-LM was granted the Certificate of Program Registration by TESDA for the BSIT and BSHRM courses on the different National Competencies.
August 21, 2007 Ninety-six (96) BSHRM freshmen of UC-LM granted PGMA Ladderized Education Program (LEP) scholarship.
January 17, 2008 International Maritime Employers Committee (IMEC) and UC signed the MOA for scholarship grants starting SY 2008.
February 26, 2008 UC-METC was recognized to Conduct Courses under the requirements of the international Convention on Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978 as amended in 1995 and 1997 (STCW) by PANAMA Maritime Authority.
Feb. 27 - March 1, 2008 UC-METC was granted PACUCOA Grants Level II 3rd Reaccredidation Status to the Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering Programmes of the University.
May 27, 2008 Joyce Escudero, a UC-LM High School valedictorian, was awarded one of the Ten Most Outstanding Students of Cebu.
June 8, 2008 Start of the INC (Interorient Navigation Company) Scholarship Program for Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering.
June 10, 2008 Blessing and Inauguration of the IMEC Office and Resource Center. Start of the IMEC (International Maritime Employers Committee) Scholarship Program for Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation.
June 10, 2008 UC-METC Maritime Academy and UC-METC Training Center was awarded the DND Standard for Certification of Maritime Academies (The certificate is valid until February 5, 2013.
June 23, 2008 UC-METC was Certified ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate is valid until June 26, 2011) by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV)
October 8, 2008 UC-METC was awarded Danish Certificate of Recognition of their Philippine Certificate of Competency by Danish Maritime Authority.
October 8, 2008 Danish Maritime Authority recognized UC-METC as one of the four institutions in the Philippines to continually be exempted from the general requirements of passing an operational test and interview in apply for a Danish Certificate of Recognition in the Philippines.
November 8, 2008 UC-METC received Post Graduate Certificate for Maritime Education and Training (PGCert MET)Programme – sponsored by International Maritime Training Trust (IMTT) and in partnership with Southampton Solent University under its Warsash Maritime Academy
December 12, 2008 Awarded as Outstanding Maritime School by United Filipino Seafarers and the Editorial Board of Tinig ng Marino.
January 2009 The new program, ACT major in Animation was approved and opened in June 2009.
March 5, 2009 Augusto W. Go was awarded as Valuable Filipino in Education given by the Perlas Award through the Philippine Foundation, Inc.
April 2009 UC Main Mechanical Engineering produced three topnotchers, Joseph Mayormita was first placer, Iron D. Plando came in second, and Jacinto H. Fajardo Jr. finished fourth place.
May 18, 2009 METC Awarded First Mobile Assessment Center
May 2009 UC produced its first topnotcher accountant in Jerameal P. Villaber when he landed 8th place in the CPA Board Exam in May 2009.
April 27, 2009 INC-UC MOA Signing for the Second batch of INC Scholars
July 2, 2009 Paul John B. Gesta, a UC Banilad graduate was hailed as one of the Ten Outstanding Students in the Philippines. He was awarded by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in Malacañang Palace.
July 2009 Edilyn Lopez, a BS Tourism student of UC Banilad was awarded as the Best University Student of 2009 in the Asia-Pacific University Students Gangwon Forum held in Gangwon, South Korea
September 9 – 19, 2009 The University of Cebu Dance Company represented the Philippines, through the Department of Tourism in the 12th Busan International Trade Fair and Exhibition. The troupe won the Best Folkloric Performance Award besting 47 other countries which participated in the exhibit.
November 26, 2009 Contract signing between UC and DNV Seaskills Project, Singapore
January 2010 UC and IBM entered formally into a partnership the Earn as You Learn Program (EAYL).
June 2010 UC Main and UC-LM unveiled the newly refurbished and remodeled mini Hotel of the College of HRM in both campus.
June 1, 2010 IMEC-UC MOA Signing for the 3rd Batch of Cadets
January 10, 2011 UC-METC and UC-LM were awarded the certificate of Declaration of Maritime Training Performance after the Benchmarking assessment of in accordance with DNV SeaSkill's Technical Report Benchmarking Maritime Training Centres (no.3308 v.2)
January 21, 2011 The Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation and the Marine Engineering courses of UC-METC and UC-LM were reviewed and found in compliance with the DNV Standard for Certification of Learning Programs. Each course was awarded the DNV Training Course Certificate.
March 18, 2011 First FAPE ESC Certification Visit of the UC-LM High School Department.
May 2011 Accredited Level II-4th RA for UC Main College of HRM.
May 20, 2011 FAPE granted the UC-LM High School Department a Certification Status with a Very Satisfactory (VS) rating.
May 2011 The following programs at UC Main were accredited : Level 11-2nd RA for Computer eng., Level 1-Formal for BSBA and Criminology.
April 2, 2011 HRM Department was endorsed for certification to the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines for Level II Fourth Reaccreditation Status for the period May 2011 - May 2016 for having satisfactorily met the standards and fulfilled all the requirements of the PACU-COA.
June 2011 UC in partnership with the Australian Trade Training College (ATTC) offers international diploma in HRM, particularly, in Commercial Cookery Level 3. Students earn an international diploma without going abroad.
May 2011 The following programs at UC Main were accredited : Level 11-2nd RA for Computer eng., Level 1-Formal for BSBA and Criminology. UC HRM sends the first batch of 6 HRM students to the United States of America for their on-the-job-training. UC Main opened the course Industrial Engineering.
June 23, 2011 Inauguration and blessing of the new I-Building extension and the new Mock Bridge; Investiture of the 4th Batch of IMEC Scholars into the program.
September 2011 Erving John Reyes Pedroso placed fourth place in the Marine Engineering Board Examination held on September 17 & 18, 2011.
September 2011 Engineer Lhoven Larrobis garnered the 8th place in the Mechanical Engineering Board Examination held on September 28 & 29, 2011
September 2011 UC College of Law Mooting Team won grand slam in the National Moot Court Competition held at Ateneo de Manila University from September 28 to 30, 2011. UC is the only Law School in the history of Moot Court Competition to win grand slam, sweeping all major awards, and besting 16 other law schools in the country. Bronze Medal Winner in the 2012 Asia Pacific Moot Court Competition regional held in Hong Kong on March 2012.
September 2011 The members of the team include Mr. Virgil Vallecera (Best Oralist in the final round), Mr. Manuel Elijah Sarausad (Second Best Oralist), lawyer Cheryl A. Cabutihan (Coach), and Gibran Abubakar, Merachelle Borracho, Christopher John Menguito, Kara Mae Noveda, Fellain Ann Marquez, Monique Paloma as Researcher, and Mr. Jean-Daniel Tauxe as Head of Delegation.
October 13, 2011 UC garnered the top three places in the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Licensure Examination. Neil Nardo ranked first place, while Jason M. Pegarido and Maria Regielou D. Celis took the second and third place respectively.
October 28, 2011 UC Banilad was adjudged as the Visayas winner in the “I Am A Changemaker” Social Enterprise National Business Plan Competition 2011 sponsored by the British Council. Jezreel Archival (BSBA3), Sheryl Benitez (BSA3), Jean Millor (bSA 4) and Loyd Orlanes (BSBA Alumnus) comprised the winning team, with Ms.Judy Ann Ferrater and Dr. Christopher Biore serving as coaches. The Uc team's proposal ”Seeds of Hope”, aimed at providing alternative source of livelihood for the Umapad Women's Group based in Mandaue City. The proposal introduced the use of scrap mango seeds to be used as source of oil for cosmetic products.
November 5, 2011 Johnlery P. Caneja, a BS Criminology and scholar of UC reigns as the Grand Champion of Arnis Kata Open Weapon Category Espada y Dagga (Sword and Dagger) held in Pacifica, California, US of A. The team also included was Benigno “Ekin” Caniga, Jr. and Max Caballes.
November 7, 2011 UC Webmasters is crowned CESAFI College Champion.
March 2012 UC got 5 topnotchers in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examinations with Anore, Richard A. ( 4th Place), Romarate, Cabrini V. (5th Place), Nadela, Katherine Noel ( 6th Place), Olofernes, Jeffrey S. ( 9th Place ), Salve, Jose Niel A. (10th Place)
March 2012 Jan Frelyn Ocso Paalisbo placed 10th in the Licensure Examination for Teachers held on March 2012.
March 2012 Accredited Level I – Formal for Masters in Nursing, Masters in Business Administration, MS in Criminology, MS in Science Teaching.
March 2012 UC-LM College of BSBA was accredited Level I - Formal
April 2012 Accredited Level II – 4th RA for UC Main BS Elementary Education; Level I – Formal for Accountancy.
April 2012 UC Banilad College of Nursing was accredited Level II - 4th RA
June 10, 2012 UC Dance Company won the Best Folkloric Performer Award in the Korea World Tourism Fair held in Seoul, South Korea from June 7 to 10, 2012.
Aug. 10, 2012 Augusto W. Go received the Garbo sa Sugbo Awards in the field of Education given by the Province of Cebu during the 443rd Founding Anniversary of the Province of Cebu.
Aug. 28, 2012 Vanessa Tocle garnered 10th place in the June 2012 Nursing Licensure Exam.
Sept. 4, 2012 UC launches Univ. of Cebu Medical Center (UCMed) in an inaugural dinner held at Marco Polo Hotel Ballroom
September 2012 Accredited Level II – 4th RA for UC-METC College of Marine Engineering, and College of Marine Transportation
September 2012 Leslie Ann Estaniel landed 7th Place in the 2012 Licensure Examination of Teachers in Elementary Education
September 2012 UC High School Varsity Team registered 17th straight title in the Milo Little Olympics Visayas Regional Finals held on August to September 2012
September 2012 UC Lapu-Lapu & Mandaue won first place in the 14th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition (ICFC) for the Central and Eastern Visayas regions and ranked third in the nationwide competition next to Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines.
September 2012 UC-METC passed the re-accreditation conducted by the Directorate General of Seafarers, Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) during quality audit held on Sept. 21, 2102.
September 2012 Cadet Thaddea Pearl M. Hangadm a Norwegian Shipowners Association (NSA) scholar in Marine Transportation at UC-LM was awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Maritime Students of the Philippines for 2012.
September 2012 June Mar Fajardo, a UC Webmaster Varsitarian emerged as the first overall pick in the 2012 PBA Rookie draft on August 19, 2012 at the Robinsons Midtown Manila.
September 2012 The Seafaring Catering and Stewarding team of UC-METC was declared as over-all champion in the Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge (Visayas Region) held on Sept. 22 at the Cebu International Convention Center. The Team was composed of Canuto Ponteres Jr., Glenne Rosario Olaco, Jaser Lacre, Jessie Elwin Ty, Jose martin Acha, Karen Dawn Arabia, Keyzel Jane Abuedo, Primo Tobias, Jr., and Warrins Descartin, under the guidance of Christian G. Repunte.
October 2012 Rofel Bayaga Kiamco landed 9th place in the 2012 Criminologist Licensure Examination, while Messrs. Geelo Ree L. Orcullo and Ronnie S. Alcorcon took the 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer Licensure Examination. In the Customs Borkers Examination, Evez Dexter A. Carceldo of UC Main got the 5th place, whilst, Harlykenn Villasor and Jonel M. Pilota, both from UC-LM garnered the 7th and 9th place respectively.
October 2012 UC was hailed as National Champion of the Food Category and First Runner-up in the Non-Food Category in the 2012 Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) 6th Best Business Idea and Development (BIDA) Award held at the PCCI Boardroom, Mckinley Hill, Bonifacio Global City and the awarding held at Manila Hotel on October 10, 2012. UC Banilad made the representation – Jezreel Ezer Archival (BSBA4), Sheryl Benitez (BSA 4), Marrise Tumampos (BSACT3), Wilheim De Leon (BSA 3) with coach Dr. Christopher Biore.
October 2012 UC-LM College of Criminology and BS in Secondary Education were accredited Level II – Formal respectively.
December 2012 METC accepted a total of 360 Nigerian students to the BS Marine Transportation, BS Marine Engineering and BS Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering courses as an offshoot of the partnership entered into by UC and the Government of Nigeria.
Dec. 30, 2012 Jeezreel Ezer Archival of UC Banilad won First place in the Ten Outstanding Jose Rizal Model Students of the Philippines besting more than two hundred students all over the country. November 2012, Mr. Archival was also one of the four Philippine Delegates to the Bayer (Global) Young Environmental Envoy held in Germany.
Dec. 31, 2012 Rezzini Alexes Gomez, RN, from UC Banilad Batch 2010 won Ms. Tourism International held in Malaysia.
March 11, 2013 UC Medical Center ( UCMED) had its ground breaking and blessing rites.
March 11, 2013 UC graduate, Jestoni L. Potot, placed fourth in the Licensure for Teachers held on March 10, 2013.
March 11, 2013 The College of Mechanical Engineering produced topnotchers, namely Jeffrey J. Barce, Jr. and Leo Cocoy M. Nahid who placed second and sixth in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination held on March 26, 2013.
March 11, 2013 The College of Criminology produced an eighth board topnotcher in the person of Jeffery O. Gerodias held from April 7 to 9, 2013.
March 11, 2013 An addition to the hoard of topnotchers, Doris A. Boquecosa placed fifth in the Midwifery Licensure Examination held in May, 2013.
May 8, 2013 University Chancellor, Ms. Candice Gotianuy, was installed as Honorary Consul to Norway in Cebu at Marco Polo.
July 27–28, 2013 5 out of 10 Topnotchers in the O.I.C. (Navigational Watch) Licensure Exam were from UC. 1st – John Ferdiand C. Ambrad; 4th – Melchor G. Labajo; 5th – Sean Robert L. Nasiad; 9th-Albert John J. Alpes; 10th – Eubert Glen M. Supremo.
September 2013 Jerry Barrega Capin landed 9th place in the Marine Engineer Officer Licensure Examination.
Oct. 11, 2013 3 out of 10 Topnotchers from the Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Licensure Examination were from UC. 1st – Julimar C. Ponce; 2nd – Jaklyn R. Antolihao; and 3rd – Earl John B. Ponteras.
Oct. 15, 2013 Cebu and Bohol were badly hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, thus suspending classes till the last week of October. UC Banilad became a relief operation center collecting, repacking and distributing relief goods from DSWD and other private donors.
Oct. 22 – 23, 2013 4 out of 10 Topnotchers in the Customs Broker Licensure Examination were from UC-LM. 1st – Evangeryl A. Muñez; 2nd – Dimple Palm D. Comaingking; 3rd – Mary Catherine C. Catalan; 7th – Mary Claire L. Tabal.
October 23, 2013 The University of Cebu Mechanical Engineering Quiz Bowl Team emerged as Champion in the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers or PSME National Quiz Bowl held during the 3rd PSME National Mechanical Engineering Student Conference at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.
October 23, 2013 The UC Team bested 48 schools nationwide. The champion quiz bowlers include: Joseph Bryan Marollano, Chernan Madugay, John Siegfred Saludar, Edmar Ogaro and Micah Arceño. They were ably guided by their coaches, namely: Engineers Rodel Naval, Ronnie Alcorcon and Cecilio Estoconing.
Nov. 8, 2013 Visayas was hit by a very strong typhoon codenamed Haiyan (Local name Yolanda) which badly hit Northern Cebu, Tacloban, Samar and Leyte. UC once again organized a relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of Haiyan in Northern Cebu, Leyet, Samar, Biliran & Panay. UC distributed relief goods less than 25 hours after Typhoon Haiyan struck.
November 15, 2013 FAPE ESC Recertification Visit of the UC-LM High School Department.
November 22, 2013 Criminology produced a topnotcher – 5th placer, Gregore Usaraga Gacus in the Criminologist Licensure Examination held October 2013.
December 5, 2013 FAPE granted the UC-LM High School Department a Re-Certification Status with a Very Satisfactory (VS) rating.
December 6, 2013 UC became one of the awardees in the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). UC was declared as an "Institution with the fourth highest number of accredited programs in the Philippines; the highest number of accredited programs in Region VII; and special award".
December 2013 UC was granted by CHED to offer BS in Social Work by June 2014.
April 2017 UC inaugurated its main Senior High School building at J. Alcantara St., Urgello, Cebu City, an extension of the Main Campus.

University of Cebu Campuses[edit]

The university has four campuses:

  • Main Campus along Sanciangko Street;
  • Banilad Campus along Gov. Cuenco Ave., Brgy. Banilad;
  • UC-LM Campus (stands for the cities Lapu-Lapu & Mandaue) situated along A.C. Cortes Ave., Brgy. Looc, Mandaue City;
  • Mambaling Campus (also known as the Maritime Educational Training Center/UC-METC) along Alumnos St., Brgy. Mambaling.

Another campus, the former UC South Campus along Sanciangko Street, was demolished and replaced by an expansion of UC's sister company Elizabeth Mall (E-Mall).

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