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Were you looking for User:Aladdin Sane? (There's no relation, just a similar taste in music apparently).
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On RfA[edit]

I am by no means anywhere close to being mistaken as an administrator, but RfA is ridiculous. It seems that some editors are willing to oppose because a candidate didn't know what they were doing in the beginning, and oppose a different editor because they were too "experienced". It's impossible, and editors that could be administrators are being driven away because of the snake pit they have to go through.

Pseudoscience / fringe theories[edit]

If you have come to Wikipedia to say the earth is flat (or other stuff that science disputes, like halo pictures), you're out of luck. You've come to the wrong place. In fact, I remember reading a 1979 National Geographic and there was a letter to the editor saying they were disappointed that evolution was presented as a fact. Bit of an uphill journey to get them to cooperate with them, I'd say. Actually it's more like climbing a cliff on a children's bicycle in the middle of a hurricane. It's kind of the same thing here. You're in the wrong place. Go complain somewhere else.

Off topic[edit]

It'd be really nice if reporters didn't put the names of living people in the title of news stories about dead people.

AGF and BITE[edit]

You know, if people would maybe follow the guidelines on treating new editors, it'd be real nice. Too often I've seen new editors who have no idea what they're doing show up to help, then when it's not perfect the experienced editors yell at them for asking questions, because they were eager to help contributing and haven't read the policies. Then they assume "Wikipedia is a hostile place that doesn't want me" and they leave. We really shouldn't be doing that. New editors are a breath of freshness and perfectly capable of contributing constructively if you don't treat them like convicted criminals.

Userboxes I made that you could use[edit]

User:A lad insane/Userboxes I've made

Signed vandalism templates[edit]

I made these for my own use so I don't accidentally forget to sign them, which I apparently have a problem with. Feel free to use any of them.

User:A lad insane/0

User:A lad insane/1

User:A lad insane/2

User:A lad insane/3

User:A lad insane/4

User:A lad insane/4im

Archiving noticeboards[edit]

I am not an admin. Nor do I particularly fancy becoming one. But I do sometimes archive things on the noticeboards. Why, you ask? Because I participate on said noticeboards, and Chromebooks are awful at loading such overloaded noticeboards. Being an admin is not a requisite of archiving such discussions, and there's a reason for that.

Unnecessary rant[edit]

The Moody Blues were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2018.
April 2018.
After 28 years of being eligible.
N.W.A, on the other hand, were inducted after only 5 years.
That's not even rock and roll. That's not even close. Hip-hop isn't rock. Admit it.
Also, you would think they would have managed to get them in when they all still alive.
They had 27 years to do it. 27 years.
Now they've finally done it, but it was too late. Ray Thomas didn't make it.
He could have.
They managed to get Roy Orbison in while he was alive.
Same with Johnny Cash.
And Gregg Allman. And David Bowie. Paul Kantner. Syd Barrett. Prince. The younger brothers Gibb.
So on.
Ray Thomas did nothing wrong. Progressive rock isn't of the devil.
Even 2017 would have sufficed.
But no, apparently.
They hadn't even been nominated before. N.W.A was on their fourth.
The system is irreparably broken.
I should really shut up now.


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"Since my customary farewell would appear oddly self-serving, I shall simply say, good luck." _ -Ambassador Spock, Star Trek (2009)