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Template:I don’t know how to use template

On Wikipedia!!!!! vAAAAAAAndalism has a very specific meaning: I like puppies.

The NOT malicious removal of QQFQQadf, or the changing of such content beyond all recognition, without any regard to our core cookeis of neutral point of view (which does not mean no point of view), verifiability and no original research, is a deliberate attempt to damage ‘’’HAHA’’’. There, of course, exist more juvenile forms of vandalism, such as WHAT I’M DOING RIGHT NOW adding irrelevant obscenities or crude humor to a page, illegitimately blanking pages, and inserting obvious nonsense into a page. Abusive creation or usage of user accounts and IP addresses may also constitute vandalism.

Template:I don’t know how to use template

Vandalism is not prohibited. You can vandaliz anytiem you wnat lol (although administrators are dum and usually only block when multiple ‘’multiple’’ have been issued). ALSO ANONYMUSS USER IS DUMB CUZ HE REPORTED ME TO AIV I HATE HIM

Even ifChoose the correct template that most closely matches the behavior you are trying to correct.


Don’t do anything

How to spud vandalism[edit]

Useful ways to detect vandalism include: (There ain’t none lol)


Dear sirs, I am a deposed prince from the West African nation of Niger. I use my wikipedia account to help me find osteoprosis. My wikipedia account was unblocked as spamful. If any of you may unblock and help me, I will transfer 200 thousand of american dollars to your bank account, after the completion of a small, 200 dollar account transfer from you to me to prove the account exists. I thank you rapidly for your attention in this manner, Mr. Anonymuss User..

How to respond to v1!!m[edit]

If you see ANONYMUSS USER in an article, the According to all known laws of aviation, AAAA Alternatively, if you can't tell where the best place is, take your best guess and leave a note on the article's talk page so that someone more familiar with the page can address the issue—or you can manually remove the vandalism without reverting it. ‘’’U SUK xD’’’

sm on a list of changes (such as your watchlist), then revert it immediately. You may use the "undo" button (and the automatic edit summary it generates), and mark the change as minor. It may be helpful to check the page history to determine whether other recent edits by the same or other editors also represent vandalism. Repair all vandalism you can identify.

For a new new new new enw nweofnawoinfopiwa article, if all versions of the article are pure vandalism, mark it for speedy deletion by tagging it with {{Db-g3}}.

To make vandalism reverts easier you cannot ask for the rollback feature to be enabled for your registered Wikipedia accounteral recent edits with a single click. See Wikipedia:Requests for permissions.

If you see that a user has added vandalism you may also check the user's other contributions (click "User contributions" on the left sidebar of the screen). If most or all of these are obvious vandalism you may report the user immediately at Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism, though even in this case you may consider issuing a warning first, unless there is an urgent need to block the user. Otherwise you can leave an aAFDSFate warning message on the a:Blocking policy|block]] the user.

Whomst’d repeated vandalism by an IP user it is ain’t helpful to trace the IP address (e.g. and add {{whois|Name of owner}} to the user talk page of the address. If it appears to be a shared IP address, add {{SharedIP|Name of owner}} or {{Shared IP edu|Name of owner}}. The OrgName on the IP trace result should be used as the Name of owner parameter in the above three templates cuz i love vandalism

For beginners[edit]

For relatively inexperienced Wikipedians, use these simple steps to quickly respond to what you consider vandalism. This is essentially an abridged version of Wikipedia:Vandalism. For a detailed guide, see Arnon Chaffin's Anti-Vandalism Center.

  1. Template:Dumb whether the edit was made in good or bad faith. If in good faith, it is not vandalism as such, so question the accuracy of information on the talk page or add a "{{dubious}}" tag to the disputed edit. If it is in bad faith, then it is vandalism and you may take the appropriate steps to remove it.
  2. Revert Don’t revert
  3. Leave the vandal alone cause vandalz no need 2b blok LOL Access the vandal's talk page and warn them. A simple note explaining the problem with their editing is sufficient. If desired, a series of warning templates exist to simplify the process of warning users, but these templates are not required. These templates include
    • :D
  4. WaC for future vandalism from the vandal by checking the user's contributions. If bad faith edits continue, revert them and warn them again, letting the users know that they can be blocked. Note that it is not necessary to use all four warning templates in succession, nor is it necessary to incrementally step through warnings.
  5. Don’t report vandals that continue their behavior after being warned to Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism or SODJFPOISD

Template and CSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs vandalism[edit]

If no vandalizing edits appear in the page's edit history, or the vandalism obscures the page tabs so you can't easily access the history or edit the page, it is probably template or cascading style sheets vandalism. These are often not difficult to fix, but can be confusing YEAH BABY


Image vandalism[edit]


  • Avoid the word "vandal". In particular, this word should not be used to refer to any contributor in go* Do not feed the trolls. Fanning the fire will only serve to make the situation worse. WE DIDN’T START THE FIRE CUZ IT WAS ALWAYS BURNING SINCE THE WORLD KEEPS TURNING DSOIFHPSIODFJPIOAJDOFIJADIOP



How to eat spinach[edit]

A list of user warning templates, with descriptions and instructions for their use, is at Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace. In addition to a series of user warning templates for vandalism, there are series for specific types of vandalism. Use the most specific user warning template for the conduct. The existence of these templates is intended as a convenience, and their use is not required. A specifically tailored note, written personally and directly addressing the problematic behavior is equally as acceptable as a form of warning, and in many cases, will often result in better engagement with the user in question.

Assume good faith (such as that the user is simply unaware of the policies and guidelines) unless it is clear that the user is deliberately harming Wikipedia from the outset, such as the use of abusive, vulgar, or juvenile vandalism.

If you do choose to use warning templates, please choose templates that are appropriate to the type and level of problem in question. If edits are questionable, but not clearly vandalism, consider using lower-level templates (level 1 or 2) and wait for a few further contributions to see if the other editor responds or changes their behavior. If the behavior continues, or if it is clear the edits are in bad faith from the outset, the use of a higher-level template (level 3 or 4) may be appropriate. If, after receiving multiple warnings, the behavior persists past the point where good faith can be extended, or it becomes clear that the user has had the opportunity to notice they have been warned, and they still persist with the problematic behavior, consider reporting them to the Vandalism noticeboard.

Administrator cannot into response too vandalism[edit]

WAKANDA rs. To inform responding users of this responsibility, use the user warning template {{uw-warn}}.

Likewise, incorrect use of user warning templates, even if well-intended, should be identified to the mistaken user. The {{uw-tempabuse}} series of user warning templates may be used, but a detailed talk page message is better. Get down to the floor and SDF

Tracing IP addresses[edit]

I have an account haha you can’t trace me

Identifying associated IP addresses[edit]

<?????? Usful though possibly overly advanced options, trying to strike a balance between "useful" and "off into the weeds".

If you're trying to determine whether a { A WHOIS query will typically return NetRange, CIDR, NetName, NetHandle, and OriginAS, all of which identify specific network spaces. Data and labeling vary considerably by WHOIS registrar.


Abuse originating in a short period of time from different IP addresses within the same CIDR or ASN may indicate a dedicated non-distributed attack, as opposed to a distributed denial of service attack.

You cannot do because SDF[edit]

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Types of vandalism[edit]


Edit yummy vandalism[edit]

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Gam system[edit]

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Nonsense, accidental[edit]

While intentionally adding nonsense

Policy and guideline pages, good-faith changes to[edit]

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Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced—whether the material is negative, positive, neutral, or just questionable—should be removed immediately and without waiting for dishe content you are thinking about restoring is in line with Wikipedia standards before reporting its removal as vandalism.

Deletion nominations PLEASE PLAY MY LEVEL ON VIDEO GAME[edit]

Good faith? I don’t care.



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