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evenThis editor is an eventualist.
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My Sandbox

I am one of many Wikipedia editors. Some of my favorite things include jelly beans, satire, science, and photography. I'm 31 years (11578 days) old. I live in and have grown up in Lynnwood, Washington (a cold, rainy place with a lot of strip malls), but was born in Mission, Kansas. We moved from there when I was four years old, and I love it here near Seattle and would only move away for warmer weather. It's not the frequent rain that's giving me problems; it's the ten-month-lack of sun that upsets me. I'm attending the University of Washington to get a Bachelor of Science in Statistics. Go Huskies!

I've been an editor on Wikipedia since January 11, 2006. My first edit dealt with the Turtle Comms from the Ninja Turtles cartoon. I have several favorite topics that I tend to hover above, but I also like to copyedit pages that sorely need it. I figure I'm a good copyeditor—I'm a real stickler for grammar—so let me know if you have a rotten stinky article you'd like me to take a look at. I find that the main types of edits I make to articles aren't hugely influential, and I'm not really a very heavy editor. I've mostly been tidying up a articles and templates here and there. Indeed, I rarely seem to introduce any new content to the articles themselves; I just clean up whatever's there and talk about whatever needs to be done on the talk pages. I hardly edit Wikipedia anymore, but I use it frequently as a resource.

I'm a Wikipedia eventualist, which is weird because I can be one of the most impatient people I know. I think I'm more of an eventualist because I'm still young and can see myself being able to use Wikipedia ten, twenty, maybe even thirty years from now. In the past, I joined a group of eventualist inclusionists (I'm also rather inclusionist and hate to see articles go without a fighting chance), but decided I can be what I am without having to add my name to a list, especially because I figured that I wouldn't actually do anything as a member of the group. My supposition is that if we give articles a good, long chance to grow, then they will all become terrific resources and everybody will love Wikipedia.

I signed up for the Pokémon Collaborative Project (now WikiProject Pokémon) and copyedited many Pokémon-related pages. I also had a lot of vandalism to revert. I left the project on September 12, 2007, because people started merging the articles into boring, stub-like lists, essentially undoing much of the work I had done. Since then, I have hardly edited Wikipedia as much as I used to.

I have a blog, Brandon Notices, where I write about all kinds of stuff that catches my attention.