Did you know ... that the aluminum smelting plant in Tursunzade is the largest aluminum manufacturing plant in Central Asia? On the main page on 13 March, 2006.
Did you know ... that Lavastorm, a web design company during the dot-com bubble, split into two companies focusing on revenue assurance and mobile games? On the main page on 25 Dec, 2006.
Did you know that Circle of Chalk, a Yuan Dynasty play, is still being performed in European versions set in 14th-century China, Soviet Georgia and East Germany? On the main page on June 1, 2008.
Did you know ... that to get her first job in television, Melissa Bachman worked four months for free, drove 150 miles (240 km) daily, and supported herself as a waitress? On the main page on 25 January, 2016.
Did you know ... that before becoming a successful pulp magazine illustrator, Modest Stein was an aspiring assassin until he dumped his dynamite in a Pittsburgh outhouse? On the main page on 30 January 2016.
Did you know ... that Raphaëlle Boitel worked as a contortionist street performer at age eight to earn tuition for circus school? On the main page on 8 April, 2019.
Did you know ... that when Elly Mayday was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she not only continued to model, but appeared in pictorials with a bald head from chemotherapy and surgery scars? On the main page on 28 March, 2019.
Did you know ... that Becca Pizzi completed seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, and accepted a marriage proposal on the mound before throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park? On the main page on 17 December 2016.
Did you know ... that Microsoft's Brad Smith has filed multiple data privacy lawsuits against the US government? On the main page on 6 June 2018.
Did you know ... that between modelling for Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and Prada, Lyndsey Scott develops mobile apps for iOS? On the main page on 15 September 2017.
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Our work together here should be our armor, not some sharp, angry, burning sword. I would strongly recommend that everyone here find an article to work on for a while; not the cliche "random article", but something that gives you a nice tug at the heartstrings. It feels great to be out there doing work on something you genuinely care about, and I assure you it'll help you regain the sense of why you're here.


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My Wiki-bio, circa 2015, for an article about me by a journalist.

Professionally, I'm a software engineer. (That's a computer programmer that's more full of themselves.) I currently work for a company that makes software, after having worked for a company which knows everything except how to spell its name (I've been a Wikipedian longest). I've written most of a few articles about people from each.

I got to do this neat thing for the earlier one, which helps lots of people find free (as-in-speech) images, including those usable for this project. Here are some images I found (or took), and put on Wikimedia Commons. Here is my images to-do list.


Role-Playing Games[edit]

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Besides minor edits, my early work was in Category:Role-playing games.

Other Games[edit]

Wikipedia Support[edit]

Wikipedia:Requested articles[edit]

I wrote or stubbed the following as part of the Wikipedia:Articles requested for more than two years work (I know nothing about them otherwise):

Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering systemic bias[edit]

This project tries to make up for the fact that most Wikipedia editors are technically savvy first world males.


Creationist museums[edit]

From an Articles for deletion discussion where I was challenged to create some articles to prove it could be done.

Not creationist museum[edit]

James Jones Literary Society First Novel Fellowship authors[edit]

From another Articles for deletion discussion where the claim was made that winners of this award aren't notable. So far - well, as I look into it, some were, and some weren't. These are some that were. Also expanded article on the society and award.