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Hi! I am Harold Hutchins. I edit Wikimedia Foundation products, especially Wikipedia[1].

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If you want to email me, please email me at or and enter subject as Wikimedia Foundation: (your subject).


My Talk Page[edit]

Please respect my talk page: do not post anything inappropriate. All article edits and deletion nomination should be posted with subjects that are supposed to be written.

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Life is like a riding bycicle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

by Albert Einstein

My Private Company[edit]

I have my own company named Jailbreak Company Limited C R TM. It has 4 departments, National Railway Company Limited (Department 1), General Game Designing (Department 2), General Roblox Game Designing (Department 3), and the MPT (Department 4).

I have other partners in my company too. They are Jeff Lau are Morrie Leung.

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