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Kim Dent-Brown

Ten odd things about me[edit]

As you can see, having brushed against notability for much of my life, I have successfully managed to avoid it for myself!

And now?[edit]

I work as a lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England. Despite my first name, I am in fact male! So far most of my edits seem to have involved Neopaganism or military history. I have made major revisions to the Wicca article, removing large chunks of it out into sub-pages so as to drastically shorten it. I do not have as much time for main space editing as I would like, so in small chunks of free time I contribute to discussion of articles for deletion and candidates for adminship as well as doing some new page patrolling. I have an account at Meta here.

Kim Dent-Brown (2005).jpg
This Kim is not female...