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Screenshot of the beta version, on Windows XP Home.

WikiAlerter is a program, written in C# .NET, designed to aid users in tagging pages for deletion or maintenance, and admins in dealing with nominated pages. At present it is still in development, with a beta release for use by interested users. It aims to support usage of AfD, PROD, CSD and AIV. As such it allows for initiating, approving (admins), and declining CSDs, initiating, seconding, approving (admins) and contesting PRODs. At present it only allows initiating AIV reports and AfD nominations.

At the moment I am looking for some users to do some Beta testing. If you'd like to do so, please contact me via EmailUser or my talk page. Thanks :).


If you need help using WikiAlerter, please ask questions on the talk page, or see the /Manual.

What does it do?[edit]

WikiAlerter's main features are:

  • Tags pages under CSD.
    • As well as standard CSD templates, it supports usage of {{Db-multiple}} and {{Db}} (coded as "M" and "X")
  • Creates AfDs.
  • ProDs pages.
    • Can second ProDs, using {{Prod2}}
    • Can contest ProDs, warn nominator, and add {{oldprodfull}} to talk
    • Can delete as expired ProD
  • Warns creator when tagging for any of the above.
  • Maintenance tagging
    • Supports usage of {{multipleissues}}
    • Customisable maintenance templates
    • Listing at PNT when tagged as {{notenglish}}
    • Stub tagging with stub types
  • Lists new pages or pages in category/ies.
    • Choose to hide patrolled pages.
    • Choose to load from the back of the log.
  • Deletion of pages under CSD.
  • Rescue of pages from speedy deletion.
  • Report users to AIV


WikiAlerter has a wide range of options. It comes set up, so you don't have to worry about configuration unless you want to. In particular, nearly all of the templates it uses can be changed, and parameters added/removed. So if you prefer a certain warning template over another, it's easy to use your preference.

CSD file[edit]

WikiAlerter comes with a .csd file. This file contains each of the known CSDs, with that CSD's template and redirects, code, explanation, and default decline reason. Since the information may change (e.g. a new redirect is created), you should update your CSD file regularly. WikiAlerter can do this automatically, when you start-up, select "Create new CSD file", rather than import. Or you can manually update/change the file, using the CCSD.exe which comes with WikiAlerter. This is a console program, and isn't designed to be easy to use. Any changes you make using CCSD will not be identified by WikiAlerter when automatically creating a new CSD file. For documentation see /Manual#CCSD.

Wondering why the CSD is separate from WikiAlerter? Well the WikiCSD.dll library manages most of the CSD related stuff, such as figuring out who nominated the page, what CSD a page is tagged as, and which templates relate to which CSD codes. WikiCSD.dll or similar (older) versions are used across a number of my programs, such as SDPatrolBot and SDPatrolBot II. So it is easier for me this way than recreating it every time I create a new program.

"Okay, I want to use WikiAlerter"[edit]

Great, first you need to be added to the approvals page, just request on my talk page, or that of another admin, and they can add you to /users.css (this isn't designed to be an in-depth scrutiny, just to prevent users with next-to no experience in CSD from using the program. If you don't feel confident about the CSD, do some manual tagging for a week or so before requesting). After that just follow the instructions at /Manual#Downloading. Please let me know about any problems, and any improvements you think could be made. While using the program, please bear in mind that Alerter is currently in beta, so treat with care, and check your edits.