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How to decipher what I'm saying[edit]

Generally I avoid abbreviations on pages of any kind but I use them a lot in things like edit summaries and log entries. More Wikipedia jargon can be found here, but this is just the stuff I use.

Anti-vandalism and article work[edit]

  • rm or r/m: "removed".
  • rv or r/v: "reverted".
  • ce or c/e: "copy-edit".

Talk pages[edit]

  • cmt: "comment".
  • re: "reply".
  • s: "support".
  • o: "oppose".

Deletion discussions[edit]

  • d: "delete".
  • k: "keep".
  • sd: "speedy delete".
  • sk: "speedy keep".
  • r: "redirect".
  • m: "merge".


  • RM: "requested move".
  • m: "moved".
  • nm: "not moved".
  • nc: "no consensus".
  • pc: "procedural close".