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35px}} Barek is busy in the real world; but may be online sporadically due to a known Wiki-addiction. During this time, replies to queries may be greatly delayed.
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  • If you post a message to me here, I will usually reply here - if you want a {{talkback}} notice, please request it.
  • If I left a message for you on your talk page, I have it on my watchlist and will see replies made on your talk page.
  • Please sign and date your posts using four tildes (~~~~).
  • I reserve the right at my discretion to remove uncivil comments from this page, as well as threads which are perceived by me to be disruptive.
  • My alternate talkpage can be used to contact me if Wikipedia indicates that this page is protected due to vandalism.
Please note:
This talk page is known to be monitored by talk page watchers. This means that someone other than me might reply to your query. Their input is welcome and their help with messages that I cannot respond to quickly is appreciated.
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