West Bird's Head languages

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West Bird's Head
Linguistic classificationWest Papuan
  • West–Central Bird's Head
    • West Bird's Head

West Bird's Head languages are a small family of poorly documented Papuan languages spoken on the Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea.

The West Bird's Head Family is a well-defined family of six languages spoken at the western end of the Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea and the eastern part of the island of Salawati opposite the Bird's Head's western shore.

Language contact[edit]

West Bird's Head languages have been heavily influenced by Austronesian languages. Austronesian influence is evident in SVO word order (as opposed to SOV word order in most other Papuan language families), pronouns, numerals, and other typological features.[2]:625


Kuwani is attested only from a single word list, but is clearly distinct.[3]


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